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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guest spot on Pfaff's Now Sewing now airing

I'd been told that my 'spot' on the Pfaff educational site: would debut on Oct. 24... but that 'happened' while I was in Houston, so what a 'treat' today when it occurred to me to log on to the site to see if I really was 'on'! Yep - Grandson Cole (3 1/2 now) even stopped his playing to "see Nana on the 'puter' TV".

A full half hour of my techniques all about fitting and embellishing my fashionable jackets made from sweatshirts is the latest spot - and garnering pretty good reviews, I see! :)

This site began as a way to educate the Pfaff dealers - and was so popular that the dealers asked for it to go 'public'. The offerings can be seen when you click at
I've registered for the Platinum at $29.95 because it gives me unlimited access to ALL the "Behind the Scenes" interview/lessons with Sewlebrities from both 2007 and 2008 AND acess to the projects that go along with those spots.
Gold Membership is $19.95 - giving access to only 2008 spots, or you can also just buy a 'ticket' to a single viewing of a spot (like mine!) for $3.95 - but my understanding is that you only get to see it once. If you go with the Platinum or the Gold, you can see the spots over and over at timing good for you.
My 'spot' is in the dropdown menu on the pay per view, and labelled:
Londa Rolfing Not Your Average Sweatshirt Jacket.
Say - they forgot that 'h' in my last name - Rohlfing - but with an opportunity like this - what's an 'h'???
Again - thanks, Pfaff! What an opportunity - and even I enjoyed watching it, I gotta say. Kinda weird to see/hear yourself on the computer...AND, I know I"m re-focussing on those neck-firming exercises!!!

Say - if you are one of the first 3 people to write me to tell me what I say and have not DONE on my jacket as worn in the video, I'll reward your astuteness and attention with a FREE signed new Book: Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Londa's Way.


Londa said...

One astute subscriber watched the spot and emailed with the correct 'answer' - so one of 3 books is going to Donna.

Donna said...

Londa - I was so surprised to be the first one to guess the correct "answer", thank you very much for the book!

I really enjoyed watching you on Now Sewing, your "spot" was very informative and truly inspiring. What a great video with many hints and tips of how to properly fit and finish sweatshirts into wonderful jackets! I especially loved the one you made for New Years! I can't wait to get started with my very first jacket.

Thanks SEW much,

Pinkscissors said...

Loved your video on Even though I have made several jackets and worked with you several times, I learned a couple of new things. The most important tips was about cutting off the excess fabric under the arms before serging the seam to save wear & tear on the loopers. Who knew? Thanks.