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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Observations on Jeans

Was just ironing my Coldwater Creek Jeans and made some interesting observations...
On this pair - waistband cut on straight of grain at center back - where there is a seam in the waistband underneath the belt loop....and then the waistband is bias at the center front...
Whereas...on this lighter pair - it is opposite - straight grain at front, and bias at back...????
And - the back of the legs are MUCH larger - all the way down - than the fronts...back of the jeans is at the top of the photo...and note that the INSEAM is topstitched - NOT the side seam. Furthermore, the topstitching - on this seam only, has only one row of gold stitching, the other is navy and you can't see it... ???

ANd - the side seams are NOT topstitched - which drives me CRAZY by the way - cause that seam allowance always flips the other way - and ironing my jeans is one thing - but inside out first to press the seam allowances properly - that's another issue - I will NOT do!
If anyone has explanations for all these observations - reasons why - etc. please enlighten me and the rest of us.

I wonder............does anyone else notice things like this while ironing?

By the way - if you make your own jeans, or need to do hemming or altering - I carry that gold (Topaz) Jeans Stitch thread - it is heavier than normal...
And I'd recommend a Jeans/Denim Needle size 90 or 100 - test to see which works for you...
Or even perhaps the Topstitching Needle...size 90 or 100...
Wish I could say exactly which one would work, but all depends on your machine, and the denim weight.
Needles are 25% off regular prices EVERY DAY at

Was fun to teach my Care & Feeding of your Sewing Machine class at the Cincinnati Creative Festival - and it was VERY well received. Look for it at more sewing shows around the country. Think I'll even revive my old class taught at my fabric store years ago: Londa's Secrets....

For a written version of most of the Care & Feeding class - find it at my Free Info, along with lots of other great FREE information!
ish I could

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 clicks to Help our charity: Miracles in Action

Dear Friend of Miracles in Action,

Chase is giving away millions of dollars and Miracles in Action is competing for a piece of the action. The top 200 organizations (who get the most votes) will all receive $20,000 or more. This would allow us to rebuild the destroyed school in San Antonio Polopo at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The school was destroyed just recently by tropical storm Agatha. The voting takes place on Facebook. Here is how you can vote...

This takes about 1 minute -- just 5 clicks:
1. Click here and log-in to Facebook if you aren't already signed in:
2. Click on: Get Started to Vote
3. Request for Permission to Access Basic information – click on Allow (this isn't a real big deal. It allows them access to your public info on your profile page)
4. Pop up window asks you to Like Chase Community Giving – click on Like (they send out occasional reminders about their program -- you can "unlike" them after July 15 when the contest is over if you want -- but don't do it until then or they will take your vote away!)
5. Verify you are still on the Chase Community Giving Miracles in Action page and click on VOTE (if you lost the Miracles in Action page, come back to this link and click it again to shoot straight there).

PLEASE be sure to also post this on your Facebook wall to help us get enough votes! Without the referral effect we may not win! Click for a cause!! It is free and fun sharing Miracles in Action with your friends!

Miracles In Action Inc. is an all-volunteer charity. 100% of the prize money will go to fund the school building project. To learn more about us, visit

Even if you are not a Facebook user, you can view the Miracles in Action new video on YouTube. It is just a few minutes....

Thank you for your vote, and spreading the word.

Penny Rambacher

Friday, June 18, 2010

Eman - World Vision girl writes

Received this letter from our sponsored girl, Eman, and wanted to share it with you all...
"I am very happy because you chose me. I want to tell you a little about me.
My name is Eman Muhammad Betelo and I live with my family in a small house in a village situated about 40 km from Jerusalem. In my village there are schools, mosques, and clinics, but there is no hospital. My hobby is basketbool. What about you? I hope to receive soon a letter from you. God bless you and your family. Your sponsored child, Eman Muhammed."

I've written to her and will keep you posted.
I believe it puts a 'real' face on the children in lands of unrest to sponsor and communicate. Thanks for your support of my website which helps me in turn support Eman.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kona Bay Cotton Sateens arrived

Yummy - yummy! Scrumptious, soft, luxurious cotton sateens have arrived from Kona Bay.
Yes - I weakened at Quilt Market despite my best intentions...
BUT - BUT - But I told myself - these would be GREAT in my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Kits! AND, my old buddy Pres. Doug from Kona Bay made it just TOO attractive to pass up.

FYI - SATEEN means that the floats of the fabric go horizontally - rather than vertically as in SATINS. Floats of threads over more than one in the opposite direction reflect light - thus it is in the weave, not the finish, that the beauty of satin and sateens resides!

Sew.... dresses, purses, bags, pillows, cushions, robes, jackets...and, of course quilts - but HURRY - yardage is LIMITED!

Bury me with this Gold Titanium Rotary Blade

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!
I cut out 3 garments (class reunion coming up next weekend!) last night and this morning - and this Titanium 'Roll the Gold' 45mm Rotary Blade is STILL cutting fabric - even knit with Lycra in it - like it was butter! I've already cut quite a few fabrics for my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Kits with it - and I was expecting it to start leaving 'hinges' if you know what I mean... when I cut these garments out, but it was GREAT!

Save $ on this item since you found it - and my site - through my Blog!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Oh my Gosh Bridal Gown

On a recent expo trip to WI, my helper Glenda and I couldn't believe what we saw in a bridal shop window...this gown! Up close it didn't look quite so bad, but from across the street - well it just looked like 2 red boobs!

This one is going in my "Frumpy to Wow" class photos to teach how important it is to 'stand back' and get a total overall view of what you're creating!

I put this in the league of Michelle Obama's 'Black Widow' dress from the night he clinched the nomination.........

Just my personal opinion...which is what Blogs are all about.....
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Monday, June 07, 2010

Guatemala Disaster Relief Needed

Regarding the recent volcano eruption and flooding in Guatemala - where the school is located that I support through my website, I've received this update and appeal for assistance. I will be sending some funds, and I pray you will join me as well..:

Hi Londa,
We are raising funds for disaster relief, if people want to contribute to this need. We have gotten so many requests for help, and the stories are heartbreaking.
When I found out that a family of six people can buy the seeds to grow food for their family for one year for just $25, I was so surprised. Of course there is labor involved, but all the families pitch in and cultivate their own corn and beans. Many have to rent the land to plant, and fertilize, but for the most part, it is impressive that they can eat for a year on $25 worth of seeds. And, I can barely get 2 days worth of food at Publix for me and Dad for the same $25. Quite amazing.

The vocational school was our largest and most expensive project. They have had mud slides around the lake, but our school sits solid on the cliff overlooking the lake - glad we bought lots of rebar to hold it in place. It pays to not skimp on iron in an unstable zone. We had American engineers review the plans before we got started. I have not heard a report of the number of homes lost in Santa Cruz, but in nearby towns, there are many homeless people. They are living in the churches.

Must run,

Penny Rambacher, R.D.
Founder/PresidentMiracles In Action, a 501(c)(3) non-profit