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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 clicks to Help our charity: Miracles in Action

Dear Friend of Miracles in Action,

Chase is giving away millions of dollars and Miracles in Action is competing for a piece of the action. The top 200 organizations (who get the most votes) will all receive $20,000 or more. This would allow us to rebuild the destroyed school in San Antonio Polopo at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The school was destroyed just recently by tropical storm Agatha. The voting takes place on Facebook. Here is how you can vote...

This takes about 1 minute -- just 5 clicks:
1. Click here and log-in to Facebook if you aren't already signed in:
2. Click on: Get Started to Vote
3. Request for Permission to Access Basic information – click on Allow (this isn't a real big deal. It allows them access to your public info on your profile page)
4. Pop up window asks you to Like Chase Community Giving – click on Like (they send out occasional reminders about their program -- you can "unlike" them after July 15 when the contest is over if you want -- but don't do it until then or they will take your vote away!)
5. Verify you are still on the Chase Community Giving Miracles in Action page and click on VOTE (if you lost the Miracles in Action page, come back to this link and click it again to shoot straight there).

PLEASE be sure to also post this on your Facebook wall to help us get enough votes! Without the referral effect we may not win! Click for a cause!! It is free and fun sharing Miracles in Action with your friends!

Miracles In Action Inc. is an all-volunteer charity. 100% of the prize money will go to fund the school building project. To learn more about us, visit

Even if you are not a Facebook user, you can view the Miracles in Action new video on YouTube. It is just a few minutes....

Thank you for your vote, and spreading the word.

Penny Rambacher