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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brass Striped Unity Jacket

Here's what I started with - at least all the 'possibilities'. They NEVER all get to 'play together' in the end on a jacket!
The back needed to be at least one of my hand lengths the top of some jeans came to the rescue.
It turned out SO neat! Here you can see the entire lower edge - note how I 'blended' the longer back into the fronts with angled pieces of the legs. See too that pocket I put on the left sleeve. I'm lovin' this one! Too bad it is 2 sizes too large for me. I ultimately sell these jackets - so I keep trying to make a variety of sizes.
Auditioning some of the great new JUMBO snaps I have in - in antique gold (here), silver, and black nickel - both square and round. The only challenge is, I want to SEE the snap - and when fastened up - you don't see any part of it - so I guess the solution might be to use 1.5 snaps per spot - and sew another half to the outer side... I'm still thinking bout that. These are a full 1" wide... $4.00 each.

A 'stuffed sausage' collar covered with the bias cut striped fabric completed this jacket. I'm still 'noodling' the closures - and onto a petal pink and pastel jacket today...

I also get to watch my almost 3 year old grandson today - and construction sites are beckoning us - so I'm not sure how much progress I'll make on the jacket. There's nothing more fun than watching cranes at work on a construction site - WITH my boy!
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