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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is the Hyatt really 'high'?????

Hmmmm.... working extremely hard at this Quilt Show in Chicago, my helper, Birdie and I check into the Hyatt Regency across the street - at a kiosk in the elegant lobby.... all seems fine with the reservation I made MONTHS ago for a room with TWO beds....
Needing to get back to work, have the bellman take up our bags to the room............
Come back to the room after a hard day's work to find it a lovely suite - lots of room and amenities I do NOT need, and ONE bed!
Call to register a complaint and that I need what I had be told that reservations are considered 'requests' that they 'try' to fulfill, and the only room with 2 double beds left in this entire hotel is a smoking room... they would be bringing in a roll-away.
HMMMMM..... not what I always understood a reservation to be! Comments? Anyone else given that definition of a reservation. But, then, if you had an American Airlines ticket to go somewhere recently - I'm sure you understand..........

Complaining about the $ rate for such poor service, I was given a negligable adjustment. Deciding that being over 50 - no, make that 55 now, this is NOT just OK..that I'm a big girl now and need to stand up for myself... but still be nice, of course... I call back and ask to speak to the manager.
THEN, and only then, am I given the first night free, and will be moved to another room according to my reservation for the rest of my stay (3 more nights).

AND - to top that off............would you believe????????????? Internet costs $10/ day???? On top of that - pay for parking - not sure if it is $10 as quoted here, or $28 as on internet.
If this is the norm for a company like the Hyatt - well, it is a sad, sad day...

Give me my small town motel service, and say a Hampton ANY DAY!~

Venting...venting...venting... :)

Just cements in MY mind that at MY sites, I will bust my buns (and anything else) to be SURE that MY customers are NEVER treated in this way!