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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Londa's "Talking" Patterns and Book UPDATE

YEA!!!! And kudos to my professional son for ALL his intelligence and help in this project of transforming 3 of my most popular patterns into TALKING sewing patterns!
Not only these patterns, but my great 'starter' BOOK is now 'TALKING" as well!

AND AND AND - even if you purchased any of these products in the past, YOU TOO have access to the new 'Talking' format - just go to the dedicated web pages as they are listed in your product, and you'll see an option to to the "Talking" format! Your printed booklet will not just exactly correspond to the numbering, etc., but the verbal tutorials more than make up for that! If you desire the edited pattern booklet, the best way would be to just order the downloadable pdf version of that pattern - which costs just $12.

For a sample of how cool this "Talking" concept is...over on the right - under my Videos - click on the one of the denim colored jacket and orangy collar and wait a minute - for the sewing audio to kick in - for a sample! My hope - prayer - goal in all this is that this added mode of learning will empower many 'creative-challenged' sewers to be just as creative as God created them to be!

Here are clickable links to all these great products - or more like 'children' is really the way I think about them!
  • Transformed - this sewing pattern teaches how I transform that lower band into great collar and neckline finishes! Use this one in my workshops all the time - the cardigan style as it is so popular and ez to wear!
  • Worthy - gals love this one for its fit - the angular design, the back, and all the options included!
  • Celebration - my design that has that dramatic back flare to it - always turns heads...and now with a NEW cover including the popular brown and black version featuring Italian Trim!
  • Chosen - my first and MOST POPULAR sewing jacket design since its debut October 1, 2009. It was the success of this talking pattern that inspired me to edit and add value to these others! It features really great face-framing collars.
  • my printed starter sewing book that includes 5 jackets - and now numerous additional optional jacket variations! Creative Sweatshirt Jackets...Londa's Way
I'm 'on a roll' but now need to pack to travel extensively - Rocky Mountain Sew Expo in Denver, a gig in Corpus Christi for their ASG, and then the Creative Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup are all on the list for between now and the end of February.

Future plans include expanding my "Swirl" Jacket and my "Refined" pattern into this "Talking" format in the future.

Sew - log on and enjoy MORE if you already own any of these products. If not - get yours today! Find them all in this Creative Sweatshirt Jackets department...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Project Runway

I watched the premier episode while working today - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they re-run it!
I, too thought the winner was amazing - I had marked his and Ping Wu's as my 2 favorites.
I loved the detail work on the bodice - which appeared to be impeccably executed - the juxtaposition of the geometry and the circular designs - how the geometry of the top echoed the geometry of the print - and yet how the full circle (appeared) skirt echoed the shape of the motif in the print...then how those dark bands swinging (did they - or were they 'attached' to the skirt?) pulled - connected the darks in the bodice down into the skirt.
I truly feel that this season's talent takes us back to the level - if not even above - that of the initial season.
Pin Wu's no 'Hanger appeal'? Sew - if I had a store - a boutique, you bet your booties I'd put her garments on a mannequin and they'd sell - sell - sell! I thought her model was far too dull for her design though...hope she selects a more dramatic one to match her style next time!
HOW they do this all that quickly is BEYOND ME - my wildest imaginations!!!

TALKING patterns for TRANSFORMED and WORTHY are ready and released

I've just released the TALKING versions of both
TRANSFORMED and WORTHY sewing pattern designs for my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets.
I believe they are all tested and as perfect as my talented professional web-smart son and I can get them.

YES- if you purchased these patterns in the past - you, TOO can access the NEW format online at the same url for each design as given in your pattern booklet!

Have fun - enjoy - and if you have any comments -please comment here, or email me directly -

Celebration, and my printed book - Talking Versions are about done - and Refined is yet to STAY TUNED for this new type of pattern tutorial!

I'll be a speaker at Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyllup, WA

Yea - and how exciting!
I've been selected to be a speaker, and also to do my Trunk Show of Creative Sweatshirt jackets at the ultimate Sewing show -Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA
Read all about this great event at this online brochure.

1-27-10 - I had an exciting let me know that my Thursday at 4:30 Creative Sweatshirt Jackets Fit & Flatter 1 needle seminar is SOLD OUT! Sheesh - that'a over 100 gals in my class - I'm so flattered! The class organizer, Ann, asked if I would teach it again on Thursday at 2:30 pm - to which OF COURSE, I said YES!

Just shows me how very interested sewing ladies are in:
  • sewing creatively
  • one-of-a-kind jackets
  • casual, yet stylish jackets - we're tired of looking dumpy and TOO casual!!

Read more about my patterns, books, and DVD's on stylish jackets sewn from a sweatshirt.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interesting Shirt Collar

Ironing (in addition to cleaning!) before I leave to go to Laura's Sewing & Vacuum for a weekend of Creative Sweatshirt Jackets in West Palm Beach, FL tomorrow - and decided to give my new Casio Camera a try....
So while I was ironing, I noticed this very detailed, interesting collar button down treatment - which obviously is intended to keep the collar buttoned down - without seeing the button. So here is how it looks from the wrong side of the collar - THAT's alot of work, I'm thinking...

Here is how it looks underneath the collar, with it buttoned up.
So the collar from outer appearance looks like what you see here.

This is a shirt from Kenneth Roberts - Platinum.

Pretty nice detail...think I'll email shirtmaker Pam Erny about this one and ask if she's ever seen it!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TALKING Pattern Demo

I've been HARD at work - along with my super smart professional webmaster son updating and adding to the value of some of my most popular patterns by adding my verbal tutorials AND editing the printed pattern to include more photos.

So far: CHOSEN & TRANSFORMED are ready and available.


AND - even if you've already purchased any of the above, YES - you will have access to the 'Talking Version', though your printed booklet won't correspond completely - it will still be useable.

Below is an example from the Convertible Collar version of CHOSEN.

SitUpon Cushion is AMAZING!

OK - I fell BOOM on the ice a week ago Sunday and my tail bone is STILL sore! Doesn't matter if I'm doing website work or sewing, I'm SITTING!

Had just added these SitUpon Cushions to my website - so Iordered one - and WOW! PLUS I think my 'buns' will firm up as well! It's kinda like sitting on the inside of CROC shoes - and balancing on one of those big Balance Balls for exercise (I deflated mine!).

It looks like what you see above - and yes, it's purple.
Side benefit: my cats do NOT like to sit on it - so now there's no cat fur on my seat either...YEA!

SAVE$$ on this item since you found it on my Blog:
Click on the link below... 

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Meet Tina - my VERY talented neighbor Bridal Seamstress Extraordinaire

One of the VERY best parts of my 'career' in the sewing field has been the excitement of being even a small part of encouraging customers to make a business of their passion for creative sewing. I know at least 3 of my students from the Summer Sewing Camps during my retail storefront days went on to study fashion design... and Tina just shared with me her updated bridal sewing website. One thing I KNOW for sure - I surely loved having her expertise close by when I was stitching my daughters' wedding dress about a year ago.... I asked Tina to share how it all came about for her and her below what she has to say.

"Clients often ask how I got started in the custom bridal gown business. My neighbor, Londa Rohlfing, gets some of the credit for encouraging me to start my business. At the time, Londa owned an independent fabric store in Champaign, Illinois, called Londa's Sewing Etc. She knew about my sewing abilities and love for fine fabrics because I spent a lot of time at her store buying fabrics and studying with the well-known sewing experts who came to the shop to teach classes. When Londa decided to add a bridal fabric department to her store, she suggested that I could use my skills to start a business and we could help each other out with referrals for fabrics and custom dressmaking services. It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to specialize in wedding dresses and other special occasion garments. My two boys don't have much of a need for fancy dresses, and I have limited need for them myself. Making bridal gowns gives me a chance to work with beautiful fabrics and trims, and I get to meet all kinds of interesting people. Please visit my website at to see photos of some of the gowns I've created. Londa and I are still neighbors, and I was glad to be able to help her out last summer when she was making her daughter's wedding gown (see her blog posts for more about this including pictures of the gown). "

I hope her boys are smart enough to use their mom's talent as a real 'PLUS' as they date!

New Year's Dancin' Fool

Here is my handsome hubby and I waltzing away New Year's Eve. NO - I did NOT make my gown - from a wedding where I made everything else including bridal bridesmaids! We are so fortunate to have a wonderful dancing place calld the Regent Ballroom and Banquet Center just blocks from our home with 'real' nice, dance-able music, lessons (took years ago) and good friends.
Next day we conquered inventory - and now am hard at work making Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Kits and taping audio for my Talking Patterns and my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets Book... Christmas stuff all put away - yea!
Wishing everyone the very, very best New Year!