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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Londa's Way : now available

My new BOOK - a printed book - is now available for purchase. Color cover and step-by-step instructions inside for the 5 great jackets you see photo'd on the front and back covers, including the few patterns needed - all for just $18.95. If you've wanted to try one of my jackets, but were a bit intimidated, I wrote this book for YOU! All self-contained, but I also did construct a webpage with a video on fitting - just as an 'add-on' to 'train' you to the neat concept of utilizing the web to transfer even MORE info - as this is the way my patterns work...linking to webPAGES for all the photos.
There's a story behind this one - and I thank helper/friend Cyndi from the Novi show for her awesome listening to both my customers, and then my 'composing' it on the road on the way home. Once home from the American Sewing Expo, and convinced I should do a PRINTED book (in addition to my 'book' on DVD), I locked myself up for 2 days and just DID IT! With the stupendous help of my wonderful local printer, Upclose Printing, in Champaign, IL, I was able to 'debut' it at the Houston Quilt Market and Festival.
Just as with my pattern sales, I've promised to tithe on the sales of this book to my current charity: Miracles In Action -
So far - the book is being very well accepted - I've even already had 2 nice orders from Nancy's Notions. Comment here about your experiences with my book.
New idea: another DVD - ALL video, and on the basics of fitting and embellishment. No PDF portion - so lower cost than my Ultimate DVD.
Not sure when that will 'happen' as I have wedding sewing in my future - as daughter is getting married in late May. It will be FUN to sew on silk and satin - rather than sweatshirt fleece for a change!

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Pamela Erny said...

Londa! Congratulation on your new book!

Wishing you much continued success...cuz lady you are one talented designer...!

Pam, from ~Off The Cuff Style~