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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Visit to Chloe Dao's Lot 8 Boutique

What fun! While here in Houston - on our day of fun between the wholesale market (where I had my first ever booth to sell my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket books, patterns) and the Houston Quilt Festival (retail extravaganza), my associate Glenda and I took in not only 2 wonderful fabric 'heavens', but around the corner from the first one we found LOT 8 - Chloe Dao's boutique. That is Chloe - as winner of one season of Project Runway! What a delight to have her sister, Sydney, help us - personally! She showed us all around and shared generously about learning to sew from their Mother, showing us detail on the new line for Fall, etc. In this picture of me with the mannequins at the shop, I'm wearing a silk charmeuse top (backless pretty much) that Sydney showed us as one of the favorite of Choe's designs. Their Mother had her own alterations shop - and retired now to do the sewing for Chloe's line along with another of the sisters. Another lady who helps do the sewing - I wish I could sit at her elbow because she does the most wondeful LITTLE double-turned little hems on all the silk...and it is not any of the numberous sewing techniques that I have learned.
Chloe has gone very geometric for her fall line. See the skirt I'm holding above in the picture with Sydney. The grey is a tiny bias grey silk piping in the geometric line. I asked about what kind of interfacing was used - and she said fusible - of a weight that gave the needed body. The insides were always of china silk, and absolutely flawless! All in all we were both amazed at the reasonable pricing on the garments for a designer boutique of this calilbre. If I really loved a garment and it fit - I would have no qualms about actually considering purchasing it. AND, I'm quite 'dutch' with my hard-earned $! Here's the back of that little skirt - I'm showing off the little pleats at the back of the skirt.

Another picture here - I'm 'embedded' in the display - modeling an intriguing backless silk top that featured VERY big kimono sleeves. Honestly - if it weren't backless, I imagine it would be hanging here in my motel room waiting to go home to wear at holiday parties!

The rings on this coat - are covered completely in fabric - bias I'm sure. This idea WILL end up on a Creative Sweatshirt Jacket, I'm sure. Then...I'll probably name that pattern Chloe. Snydney's friendliness and generosity in allowing us to take pictures was truly amazing!!! I met Chloe in Michigan last year at the American Sewing Expo at the Designer Challenge. I asked her how they could ever make garments that quickly - and she answered that the insides were SO unfinished, that we would find it hard to believe.

Chloe's line can't be called just 'Chloe' because of the objections of some designer by the same name. So her new line will be named Dao Chloe Dao - at least that's what this brain remembers. Her original garments in the boutique had the label in them "Lot 8" - which stands for the 8 sisters in the family. How cool is that?

The rest of the day found us at Universal Fabrics around the corner - where I started my 'hunt' for important fabrics for the upcoming wedding in our family. I found a luscious printed and beaded silk chiffon for my dress, samples for my daughter for her gown and the bridesmaids. Sew much excitement! At the other store - High Fashion Fabrics - where Chloe's sister told us to go - Glenda made some 'investments' in cottons, while I explored the rows and rows and rows of lovely solid fabrics in every possible color in every wonderful fabric. I have NEVER seen such a selection! Finding the coordinating fabric for my prized silk chiffon print was not hard at all here! And, a few more 1/8 yard cuts of samples to show my daughter. Truly a heavenly day for 2 sewing and fashion enthusiasts!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I REALLY admire Huckabee

I caught - for the first time last night - Huckabee on FoxNews - it was 10 pm CST here in Illinois. My hubby and I both liked (and rooted) for him during the Republican primaries. He seems down-to-earth, honest, 'real', wise, quick-witted, truthful, and just 'one of us' in my humble opinion. I pray that he stays around - keeps speaking up, and that we see him even more in the forefront - and hopefully our next Republican candidate for President.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Jacket completed for Houston

Back from the Original Sewing & QuiltingExpo in St.Charles, IL. Terri from Indianapolis was great help, and we had a blast. I felt the need this week for some 'sanity sewing' (before attacking the Halloween costume for grandson Cole) so after playing with the idea of cutting the Italian Trim down in width - about half of original - and liking the look, I proceeded to transform the lovely brown Bamboo/Lycra and Sillk Tweed I bought at the American Sewing Expo in Novia few weeks ago. I've had in mind I needed to do an additional jacket from my Celebration pattern - and when I reprint it next time, I'll add this jacket on the front cover. Meanwhile, I've added the details for this jacket, including the circular flounce sleeve finish. SEW....if you have the Celebration Pattern Booklet - take another peek at the associated webpage!

So now down to the business of getting ready for my first real wholesale 'Market' at Houston.

I'm REAL excited about my first printed 'book' - featuring 5 of my jackets. It will retail for $18.95. It's still at the printer, but at least my part in it is all done. was a quick, but good decision I think. We'll see......

Monday, October 06, 2008

Novi Show Report - American Sewing Expo

Back and recovered from Novi Show - American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan - had a GREAT time and an amazing helper in Cyndi! Here's a picture of our booth..... you can see Ms Cyndi hard at work - and here's us together...

Thanks, Cyndi for your amazingly wonderful help!!!

Sue stopped by to show us her beautiful necklace - backed with a Tagua pendant... How about those for some nice Christmas gifts??!??
It was a wonderful show - and today Ineed to pack (after I dye up some more ribbon and put together some more jacket kits) for tomorrow night's travel to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in St.Charles, IL. My first time there - and so I'm always excited to see and be at a new place.
Say - the new 'toy' in our house is the Wii - thought we better join the new generation! We've never had a playstation or X box or any of that - and we added the Wii Fit this weekend. I put in over 30 minutes on it yesterday - and I'm SORE today - Yea! Also - in case you wanted to know, I'm 45 in physical age - balance, or something like that. Not bad for a 56 year old!