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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Read Good Books - Inspiration for Life!

I love to ties with sewing these days - when I don't need more clothes, and sewing which has turned into my work. I escape with reading - and God speaks to my heart through good Christian writers. I've discovered 2 new favorites these last few months...Robert Whitlow and now Terri Blackstock. They join Neta Jackson and Karen Kingsbury in my list of favorites. Both write mysteries (hey - I loved Nancy Drew as a young girl..) that challenge the problems of life - especially suffering - and face it head-on with God's word. No Pollyanna stories here - but true life, displayed in all its ugliness, hurt, and consequences of bad decisions - held up against the lives of the characters who know God through the life of Jesus...who know the Bible and let it live in and through their lives.

I praise God for these Christian writers and the others He has yet for me to discover. The lives of their characters are growing me - enriching my life as I think God planned all along when He gave this talent and this insight to these writers.

My church library has offered all this to me - and I'm very, very grateful for it. Reading stops my brain from working - and many days, that is just what I need.