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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sarah Palin's Book - MY Opinion

I really don't want my sewing blog to become political, but as a business woman, and an American, and a Blog being where you are supposed to 'go on record' about things - I'm gonna state how I feel.... Take it, leave it, comments are welcome.

I just finished Sarah's book, "Going Rogue" and were my eyes ever opened - in a way that they similarly were when I read Governor Huckabee's "Do The Right Thing". Granted, the book is from her point of view -but I saw from the inside, this woman's fresh perspective, and ability to get things done. That can NOT be argued - if you just read for yourself the facts. As a woman, and a mother - she has my utmost respect. She has kept her honor, and her priorities Godly, and that serves as a model for me in my life.

The same goes for Gov. Huckabee's book - and the story of HIS campaign, and his stance on the issues of our days. Indeed, if everyone would just "Do the Right Thing" - putting others first, rather than themselves, the world would be a different place.

Honestly, it is beyond my comprehension why ANYONE who isn't a narcissist at heart would want to run for public office in our country! I am awed by people like Palin and Huckabee who have done that and are still 'out there' deciding if they might want to serve again...amazing! In my book, only because they have faith in our God above, as modeled to us through His son, Jesus, and the power and peace that that gives them, were they able to 'live through' - and live through VICTORIOUSLY everything that came with their office - and a presidential/VP run.

I can't recommend highly enough these 2 people, these 2 Americans, and their books written this year. If you REALLY want to know the stories - read these books yourself! Make up your OWN mind. Don't let commentators - radio, TV, print sway you. Read and decide for YOURSELF. I have done so, and believe and pray that either/both of them will decide to answer the call, if, indeed, God leads them in that direction.