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Thursday, December 03, 2009

How to Bake Cookies and NOT Eat the Dough

OK - started the cookie baking tradition today...our family has carried on the "Date Nut Pinwheels" from my husband's family for many years. Despite the 'danger' of uncooked eggs in cookie dough, it 'beckons' me EVERY TIME I allow myself to bake some - regardless of the season.

Sew...Today, I 'armed' myself with Iced Tea, Carrots, and Pecans. See photo....

Now, I can't say it totally worked, but it certainly DID help! I'm sure I only 'snitched' ONE time! then again...I'm afraid I perhaps let myself have a few extra once baked...

Here's the recipe...I hope you'll like it. They DO take a bit of work, but seem worth it. I also would have to say that I think these are special for us - because we only have them at Christmastime. My mother-in-law's recipe, as shared in a PTA cookbook dated 1955-1956!
I DOUBLE this recipe!
1 C Butter, 1 C sugar, 1 C brown sugar, 3 eggs, - cream all together.
Add 4C flour, 1 t. soda, 1 t. cinnamon, 1/4t salt. Mix all up. Chill a bit to make rolling easier.

Date Filling: Mix 1 lb seeded, chopped dates (I buy then that way!), 1/2 C water, 1/2 C sugar, 1 C fine chopped nutmeats in sauce pan and cook a bit.

Roll dough to about 1/4" thick on a well-FLOURED surface. Spread with filling. Roll up. Chill.
Slice - bake on greased sheet 375 degrees 10-15 minutes.
YES - I ate one while writing this!

Interesting and Useful 'Sharp' Scissors Facts

Scissors are oft-used items in a household. For those who do NOT sew, the need still exists in a household and rarely do these homes have proper scissors to accomplish daily tasks...Therefore, consider some scissors a GREAT and USEFUL Gift.

The information below comes from "Answsers to Sharp Questions" - one of the many informational documents to be found at my FREE INFO tab at my website:

"Is it a Scissors or a Shear?
A Scissors can only take one finger in each finger ring. A shears will allow more than one finger into the finger ring. A beauty or grooming shears is called a shears because it has a finger rest or 'tang' extending out that allows one to use 2 fingers in cutting. Personally, I think the word 'scissors' is used collectively for this type of cutting instrument, but I will try to be 'correct' on this website... Scissors are normally used to refer to cutting implements not more than 6 inches in length and the two finger loops are equal in size. Designed for lighter cutting tasks, they usually have one sharp point and one blunt point to prevent snagging fabrics. Needlepoint scissors have two extra-sharp pointed blades. Shears are normally 6" or longer and the rings are sized differently - usually one round and one oval. Offered bent or straight with the bent format making it easier to cut material on a tabletop - hence the term "dressmaker" scissors.

'Leftie' Scissors Facts
Some basic understanding: On a right-handed scissors, the upper blade is the one on the right hand side as you are looking down on the scissors as you hold them in your hand. You can see where you are cutting, as the upper blade is to the back - or right hand side as you are working.

So - for a genuine Left-handed scissors, it is the opposite - when holding the scissors and looking down on the blades, the upper cutting one is on the left. You would be able to see where you are cutting because the upper blade is the back - or left hand side as you are working. The placement of the blades (as above) is one factor. The handles are another factor. Handles are either right-handled or left-handled - obviously for the comfort of which 'handedness' you are.

Understanding that ...The k-5210-L is a genuine left handed scissors with left handed blades - and will not work if a left-handed person is used to working with right handled scissors, as they will actually be pulling the blades away from each other - preventing the cutting action from taking place properly. Look for the term "True or Genuine Left Handed Scissors/Shears" on this website to identify other models that are left bladed and left handled.The k-5220-L then is a left handled shears (the handles themselves fit in the left hand) with right handed blades. These scissors have been designed to work for a left handed person who has learned to cut with right handed scissors - (and actually sell faster than the true left handed scissors the k-5210-L).

HOWEVER: this style - with right handed blades, will continue to block the eye path. If a 'Leftie' can retrain their hand to cut properly with a genuine left handed and handled shears (k-5210-L), they will be better off as they will be able to see where they are cutting.

English lesson...
Scissors is one of those unusual nouns that is both singular and plural in the same form: scissors. Another example is deer. You have one deer or several deer. You can have one scissors or a bunch of scissors. Scissor (without an s) is a verb. Like you 'scissor' your legs across each other as an exercise. "