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Monday, August 31, 2009

God Slows Me Down

Can't sleep...and even if I do...the dreams are WEIRD. Flu bug caught up with me - or some kind of bug - on Sat. morning real early. Has knocked me flat. God slowing me down, I do believe. Tomorrow, we'll move my mother from a nursing home (which has been wonderful - but it is still a nursing home) to a lovely assisted living home. I had such huge plans for really tending to every little detail of it all - but it's my prayer that I'll have the strength to do that Monday morning - in a few hours - so it looks like 'home' to her before we bring her in late afternoon.

Anyway...above is photo of the "Convertible Collar" version of my new CHOSEN pattern. This jacket is finished with facings at the neck and center front -pretty conventional. I do love those jumbo snaps that finish off the front though.

This is not working... 2:46 am. Might 'tweet' it and back to the bed - perhaps I can convince my brain to stitch up the other 2 jacket collections of stuff I have pulled together to completly test my directions...