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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stash Sale has Begun!

Londa's Stash Sale...HAS BEGUN!
Click HERE

Years of shop ownership...fabric yardage, remnants, class samples, great custom-made clothing, books, magazines, notions...
As of 8 am on June 11, 2/3 of the patterns are up online at this site. Patterns are uncut unless noted otherwise. Yet to come: fabric, projects, custom-made clothing, books, magazines, teaching samples and MORE!
This is a huge under-taking, but also somewhat of a trip down memory lane! Ohhh - how MANY patterns I pulled/bought for consideration for special events - like class reunions!
Class samples!?! I can't believe how much work I did during those shop years!!!!
Clothing - GREAT custom-made clothing! I will be pricing it at 'steal' prices like I would grab if I found this garment on a sale rack in a department store.
Feel free to start shopping NOW! If you want me to 'hold' your purchase for shipping (charging more exact shipping and adjusting your final bill accordingly), just note that in the Comments Section of your Order.