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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Days Numbered on Stash Sale/Webisode Taping

Eeeks - it's already July 1!!!
That means...only 3 days left on my Stash Sale - as it ENDS
midnight, July 4
Wow!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying my Stash!!! It's been like saying 'bye' to old friends - but a cleaner 'space' to create in (and collect more for) has its own rewards.
I've started packing up inventory - INCLUDING Stash items, for the American Sewing Guild Conference in Chicago next week.
The last day I'll be able to fill orders is July 5 - as I've some VERY exciting news to share.....
I've been invited by Sara to tape a 'WEBISODE' for on my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets!!!
It will be added to that site sometime in the last 6 months of this year, I'm told. This is a really, really great site/resource. Go check it out!
It was such fun deciding what to teach in 30 minutes, making new jackets in different stages of completion to teach things, etc., etc. On top of all that, it is a 'Pfaff' site - and I'm a 'Pfaffie' - so that is especially exciting for me.
Hey! They even say I get my hair and face 'done' for the event...THAT'S a good thing!
Sew... I will be travelling to do that just before the big trip to Chicago for ASG convention. What will happen is that I run off for this great fun on Sunday the 6th, tape Monday morning the 7th, then fly back, pack the van - and off we'll be on Wednesday morning. No time in there for filling orders (other than pdf of my patterns) - so I'll be home and buried in un-packing on July 14, ready to fill orders again on the 15th...
Stash Sale items will disappear on my site - and what I MIGHT have left after the ASG sale/booth will be updated once I unpack and return.
Happy Shopping!!!