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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Raw Edges + Rhinestone pins - AHHHHH

Was scanning this great necklace made from old rhinestone earrings and pins I found in a Martha Stewart magazine - THEN I noticed, the RAW edges on this charmeuse dress - undoubtedly silk as well. Look at the neckline finish - it's just a strip of bias!!!
Then - even notice the extra wide - I'd say 3" or so double layers of bias stitched down the center - looks like there are 4 of them - and upper edges not even caught in with the neckline finish...
AMAZING! Why do we make sewing so nitty picky is what I wonder???

I feature BIAS over and over and over in my '"REFINED EMBELLISHMENTS FOR CREATIVE CLOTHING" DVD.
If your clothing needs a little push in the creative genre - you might want to consider adding it to your collection.

Story behind the DVD most mothers can identify with: This project took a week of shared days with my 30 year old son.... and this is NOT his favorite area of interest nor pastime! We worked and worked and strained and strained to get along and make it as perfect as we could. he is editing it - he calls MORTIFIED that he has discovered some intermittent static...from a source we surely didn't hear: the TRIPOD! (You have no idea how many times we had to start over because the phone rang!).
Confident in the value of the material - and the quantity (a full 2 hours and 45 minutes!), I convinced him that the content was more important than the 'polish' and we went ahead with the printing instead of 'enduring' another fond memory-making week together to re-do it. Instead, we reduced the price $10 from the already reasonable price of $29.95 to just $19.95. Sew....that intermittent audio interference ... it's FREE! :)

Seems to have been a good decision - I've only had 2 complaints, and NO returns. PLUS, a large sewing distributor has even added it to their line as well.