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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tough Week - Walking with Alzheimers

Wow - what an end to the week. Events occurred that necessitated taking the step
God was there - sending an angel named Liz to help us wade through these waters. God was there orchestrating all this occurring NOW, while I am still home before my fall travels start.
God was there placing Mom in a room with a perfect room-mate.
God was there transforming my Mom into a totally 'new' personality that we totally did NOT expect...with saying she 'died' the first night and came back. She seems very comfortable there and even said she was praying with other residents. I am well aware this new 'mood' for a woman who was very argumentative and angry with Alzheimers may not last - but, for now, we're very grateful.

Dad and I are both exhausted - mentally and physically.

But - God is good~!