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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Newest Creative Sweatshirt Jackets....

Here are my latest Creative Sweatshirt Jackets...
I love, love, love this grey one - which I came up with while designing for one of my one-of-a-kind KITS - then I had to keep it and make it myself. I lvoe the 'funnel' neckline silhouette - which honestly just 'happened'... Bias is the key to all the swirls and binding. Started with the set of 3 great Crone Art Buttons...

Just back from my teaching expedition to 2 shops in Florida.... where this jacket was the WINNER! It is really SEW easy, that I've decided to write directions for it, along with an associated webpage, and give it as a 'GIFT' to customers who purchase over $45 during my next promotion and at shows... How's that for an idea?

3-2-09: I have it ready. :) Sew....if you place an order for over $45 and ask for it - you'll get the link to the webpage via email.

The Fuchsia jacket below features more silk doupionni chenille strips - in fact, the collar is solidly embellished with the strips. I was inspired by the collar on a Vogue pattern. I like the divisions I came up with in the jacket as well. To accommodate the 3 large buttons, I engineered slot buttonholes in a seam. This one will be available as a pattern - with more neat collar options in a pattern called CHOSEN - probably to come out in August - AFTER the wedding, breathing, and the writing process.

Wedding Gown Creation...a NEW Beginning

Scratch that design from January...when we went to the local independent Bridal shop a few weeks ago, my daughter fell in love with an ALL LACE gown! It was a gown made of what appeared to be almost a Cluny type of horizontal effect lace rows. Of course, I cautioned her that we probably could NOT find that exact lace! Also, on that excursion - she saw the slenderizing effect of a princess style and a fuller skirt that could create the look of a VERY cinched in waistline.

Then - we planned a Saturday to scour the fabric sources in Chicago (Vogue Fabrics, Fishman's and Supreme) and came up with just one lace - at Vogue in Evanston (where Dale was exceedingly nice and helpful by the way...). It is pictured below...

The embroidery on the off-white background net is a soft taupe color. You can see here where I laid my pink journal below the off-white silk doupionni and the faint pink cast it yields. That is what we're going for - we THINK. The wedding colors are pink-coral and green. (Never mind that the darlin' just HAD to move from the bedroom with PINK blinds to another because she hated the pink so much...just had to add that tidbit! ) Oh, how we gain in wisdom as we age...

Anyway - we both just love this different lace, and it was a VERY GOOD THING that i had taken the time to make a quick mock-up of the gown in red dot tracer (nicely shows the body,fullness, drape (lack of) of the skirt on this pattern, and took it along shopping with us. There was just a bit over 4 yards of this double edged lace. That's ALL. But, it seems - since the direction of the motif is vague - and would never be seen if I flip the pattern pieces to get the border all around the bottom - that I can get it to work. I'll just have to add a flattering empire line so the laces' width will be enough for the skirt - and I also have to take about 2" width from each of the skirt pieces. We bought the bouffant bridal slip, and she has her long line bra and SPANX. Now - just to find the shoes (without spending an obscene amount of money - which my wonderful shopper daughter will NOT do) - and we're set to get going.

With the help of my friend and neighbor and bridal etalier' Tina Colombo , we decided on a silk taffeta in ivory for the base fabric. I found several potential pink cotton batistes at I ordered half yards of for 'auditioning' our idea. Tina also helped me realize that the skirt will have better 'movement' if I do the lace separate from the dress for the seams and the hem.

By the way - our pattern is Vogue 1095 - without all those ruffles, higher at the neckline so not to be so revealing, AND even I've talked her into straps of some type with the lace edging - IF we have enough edging to spare.

Though I love designing my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets, silk and lace will be welcome change.

Can't wait to get started - follow along, and comment, please.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I support Mike Huckabee - the man, his policies, common sense...

As I write, I've just finished watching Huckabee - Mike Huckabee's program on Fox News that airs for us here in central Illinois at 10 pm on Sunday nights. My husband and I love this program. It is sensitive, full of common sense, AND inspirational. Regardless of your political persuasion, I encourage you to tune in - then come comment here to let me know what you think.

If you're curious as to what this outstanding, moral, sensitive man stands for - read his book, Do The Right Thing. Just think about it - if everyone just "did the right thing" how much public funds would be released to do good work. In his book, Governor Huckabee describes what he accomplished in his state of Arkansas. Read the facts for yourself instead of believing the media's version. He also warns us of the oft-used phrase: 'over time'. Heard of the Fair Tax? I had no idea what this concept really was until I read his book. Wonder what a political race is really like? For someone without endless streams of $$, Huckabee describes traveling from event to event - flying on regular airplanes and waiting in line - just like you and me. That's the kind of representative in Washington - the kind of PRESIDENT that I'm looking for. .. someone who is REALLY like you and me - and who thinks no higher of himself than he ought to - than ANY person should. I see so much of the problem of those 'representing' us in Washington as simply that power has gone to their heads. They forget who they are working for. They forget the 'little guy' - regardless of what they might say. For me it all boils down to the precious truth I learned in my study of the book of Daniel by Beth Moore....that everything in life is determined by who your God is. If it is yourself, your 'stuff', what others think of are worshiping graven images. Only God - who created heaven and earth, as made real to me in the personhood and life of Jesus Christ is worthy of my worship. Period. THAT is the truth I claim and stake all that I am upon.

I feel and believe and pray that Mike Huckabee runs again to lead our country. If that is the case, I'll be supporting him as actively as my life possibly allows. Meanwhile - I intend to read his book AGAIN, to study his common sense approach, and to pray for God's will for him, and for our country in these troubled times - learning whatever God has for me to learn along the way. In my support of Mike (yes, I feel that he is that approachable - that he would WANT me to call him by his first name - Mike) , I will forever be vigilant that in my support - I do not make him into a God. I know he wouldn't want that - as he, too, is a fellow TRUE believer in the one, true God. That makes all the difference.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Stop 'Shoulding' myself to death!

God yelled at me yesterday! Through a book I was reading and finished up. One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury. It is wonderful. A hard one to read - as it deals with a story about 9/11 tragedy, but very meaningful. Yep - I've been on a treadmill to put out a DVD on embellishing techniques - but it has been driving me crazy - and my family. SEW...all on hold until later this summer, AFTER my daughters' wedding! Right now, there's nothing else I really want to be doing than tending to however she needs help with the wedding plans, and having fun with my 3 3/4 year old Grandson while he lives here in town!

I do have some of the new embellishment video preparation done and will film what I have soon, but the stress is off! I feel so much better! WHY do I do this to myself in the first place? I bet others of you do the same thing. WHY? Comments welcome...

Had a great day with my Carmen traveling to Chicago to Vogue Fabrics and 2 others on Saturday. Found ONE lace she loved, and can make it work to be enough for her all lace wedding gown! I made that gown over and over in my head that night. What FUN!

Friday, February 06, 2009

NEW - BIG Website is now LIVE

YEA - Happy Birthday! My NEW BIG website is now LIVE!
All my previous websites that were more narrowly focused are now combined at - Londa's Creative Threads...

Fabric is back, and next Tuesday, a BIG newsletter will go out that includes $-saving offers.
LOTS of new inventory is up at this new site as well! Including: Tutto transporting cases, Amy Butler pattern line, etc., etc.

Thanks in advance for visiting! I welcome your comments.