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Friday, October 16, 2009

God can use my Jacket Designs

OK - this is just too precious ... Gloria (my #1 helper at this show) explained that this nurse who works in Hospise situations was excited about finding my booth and designs and bought goodies to make a jacket to use as a 'conversation starter' with her patients. She felt that they would be good for the wide range of patients she serves in this wonderful ministry - from the indigent without hardly a bed to sleep in to the very, very wealthy.

That touched me - and I share this thought with the prayer that perhaps that idea might ignite something in any of you - to use perhaps recycling (ties, jeans, sweaters, etc.) in my type of jackets with the purpose of using them in this manner...Conversation Starters!

Monday, October 12, 2009

On the Road Again

I'm on the road to the big Houston Quilt Festival where I'll be one of MANY vendors...with a VAN FULLLLLLL of goodies!
If you're close by - do come visit me at booth 650.

Here in Searcy, AR last night, had a first: fried corn on the cob! What a way to take a healthy veggie and make it sinful!!!

My helper - Gloria is all smart about podcasts, and I hope to join the 21st century and get this all through my thick head on this trip...leading to podcasts that I can offer as well. Let me know with comments to this post if you would be interested in podcasts I could offer, and some topics you'd like me to 'chat' /teach about...

Family Report: My family, and brother and sis-in-law successfully moved my parents to Assisted LIving at Bridle Brook in Mahomet, IL and it went quite smoothly I'm so, so grateful to report. They seem content there - and I actually had fun finding places for everything/organizng them. Even made a 'Where is it?" list for them to half way be able to find things. I can't begin to say how wonderful the staff at Bridle Brook has been - truly a God-sent place and people to help my folks at this time in their lives. Service to the elderly is a precious, very badly needed thing these days. God is VERY, VERY good. All the time, God is good.

Monday, October 05, 2009

'CHOSEN' - my 'Talking Pattern' is a Hit!

As I thought might be the case, the concept my helper, Cyndi, and I came up with of a 'Talking Pattern' is a hit - due largely to the many talents of my professional web-designer son, Jeff Rohlfing. Could not have done this without him! Though as mother and son 'working' together we nearly tear our hair out - the rewards for both of us are finally worth it.

I sold out of what I'd taken at the Chantilly Original Sewing & Quilt Expo last weekend, (and also both of my DVD's)...and just finished shipping off all the special orders. Placed my order for the 2nd printing today!
Here is the pattern cover:

And an additional jacket - my 'test' of the Darted Collar style of a woven fabric cut on the bias is also included - though not phto'd on the cover...

Cyndi and I had a great time - and the trip to Chantilly, Virginia was a lovely drive. We met special people in our booth - and - as always - are enchanted with the lovely sewing crazy women we meet. Kathy - you are in my prayers as you fight breast cancer. You are a trooper...Go GIRL!!

OH - and thought of the name of my next pattern: 'Purity' - and will raise money to pay for a well to be dug to provide healthy drinking water in a village where it is needed through World Vision. More to come...

This week brings packing up and moving my parents to a lovely assisted living situation. Thanks to so many of you for your prayers.

Oh - and to let you know how 'sewing on the brain' I am - I actually told Cyndi we needed to stop - as we had 'a quarter of a yard of gas left in the tank!'

My website was unavailable to place orders the last few days - but all is fixed now - so thanks for your patience, AND your notifications of a problem. Prayers to the rescue once again.