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Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Annual Getaway Sewing Retreat Report

Picture this...THREE plus days of sewing and friendship (and shopping, of course at the quilt shop and Yarn shop attached!)!

20 of us enjoyed all this and more May 12-15, 2011 at the Threads of Time Sewing and Retreat center in Danville, IL. Look at this huge, wonderful room we had! Check out those great office comfy chairs and the lighting was good too!

While participants could sew ANYTHING, all chose to do creative sewing on a sweatshirt base...ala my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets.
I snuck in stitching up a skirt I'd had cut out for a year - Fajita Skirt from LJ Designs - YEA I got that done finally!

As always, we all got along fabulously, and loved sharing our love of sewing unique garments. The event got rave reviews from all the gals, and dates for 2012 are already set:

April 26-29, 2012

Before I can set a firm registration/teaching/lodging fee for 2012, I need to look at all the costs again, as the lodging has increased some, as has my commitment outlay in order to reserve 25 spots for next year. But for now, a $100 deposit will hold your place. Click HERE to reserve your place NOW.

High School buddy Vickii gets some great fitting advice from Carol. Both of these gals are helpers that travel with me - so this was a great training opportunity for them!

Vickii had found a great scarf for $1 at a dollar store - that she used some Texture Magic on behind the flower. Scroll on down to see the progress she made on the front!

Its so great to have someone handy to pin hems and help you get a great fit!

Here is the front of Vickii's jacket - wonderful, I'd say. Finish it yet, Vickii? She had to leave early - shucky durn!

Check out this on-target lighting solution that Karlene showed us all. It's a headlight that is worn on your head - a large elastic band. I believe it was from L.L. Bean.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meeting Huckabee

What a night! Met Gov. Mike Huckabee in person - photo proves it! Handsome buy on the right is my dear Hubby, Charley.
He was here in Champaign, IL to raise money for a home for unwed mothers. This man is so wise, so humble, so 'Lincoln'ess'.
He is the first one in his family to even graduate from HIGH SCHOOL!
I told him I pray daily for clear guidance from God regarding if he should run for president. I pray he will! I think he will!
His message was that in the Declaration of Independence it was so novel of an idea that we were all created equal because at that time - that really didn't seem to be the case - it was more how much land you owned, or your family name....... but THAT idea, that we were created EQUAL, and endowed with unalienable rights by OUR CREATOR - gives each one of us value. And that means ANY human being - whether in the womb, or in a nursing home.
Once we determine a human's worth based upon finances or social 'interruption' - and when you get down to it, those are the 2 determining factors used to argue in favor of abortion - we have set the bar (very , very dangerously) LOW. My mother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. Yes, it is a monetary drain. Yes, she is not 'contributing' the way some 'see' it. But she is my Mom, and God has her here for a purpose. Until HE calls her home to heaven to be with him, there is something for me to learn from her. She has rights, she is worthy of our love and our support.
THAT's the kind of president I WANT and PRAY for!
Join me in praying that Mick Huckabee run, and WIN! And reclaim our dear land for God, as it began.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Use for sweatshirt neck band!

A creative student proved me wrong....I always say I've never found a use for the neck ribbing of the sweatshirts as I create my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets. Well...while presenting a seminar/workshop at Fabrics Etc. 2 in Bensenville, IL last weekend, a clever student came to me with this rose!
1. Cut off the neck band from the sweatshirt.
2. Rotary cut off the seam allowance.
3. OPen it up so you have double the width.
4. Set a serger for a wide balanced stitch with decorative threads in upper and lower loopers. This was done with the WAVE STITCH on a BABYLOCK serger - which is a new wrinkle to me since my days of selling machines/sergers ended almost 8 years ago now!
5. Gather remaining end and twirl and stitch into a rosette.
WALA....... WAY TO GO!
Sorry I forget the name of the student who did it - Cindy perhaps?

Had lots of fun at this candy store of a quilt/machine shop! What a nice owner - Mary Forte, and her helpers/associates. If you're ever in Chicagoland - don't miss Fabrics Etc. 2 in Bensenville!

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