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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feel like a 'Dressed Up' gal in these casual days...

OK - amongst a very frustrating day - note my VERIZON post a bit ago - I needed to feel GOOD. So I 'dressed up' for an appointment with my patent attorney this afternoon ....
I have on:
  • Deep Teal camisole for COLOR
  • Topped with WHITE - yes - WHITE shirt from Coldwater Creek as a 'jacket'. It has 3/4 length sleeves, a stand up wing type collar. I haven't had a WHITE shirt for AGES. Was taught - and still believe that 'you shouldn't wear a white whiter than your eyes (mine are pretty bloodshot these days), or your teeth (well, I did have some cosmetic work done, but didn't go for 'Chicklet' white)... but it feels smart, snappy - and I LIKE IT! That's the bottom line - if you feel GOOD in what you're wearing!
  • My Coldwater Creek dark JEANS (that amazingly FIT my curvy ample 'behind' and smaller waist) in which I pressed front and back creases.
  • Added silver earrings with bit of Teal in them and a groovy (is that a current word?) chain type belt.
  • AND - I think this is real important- I put on HEELS! I can't tell you how much better, more confident, more dressed up I feel in HEELS~! These are sandals - and a chunky 2" heel (new), but they make the difference between feeling frumpy and feeling dressed up - at least to my soul!
So - that's my 'fashion advice' for the day. Oh - and I have to tell Dear Daughter that the current IN STYLE magazine says it is A-OK to wear denim with denim - as long as it is different, and doesn't look like you tried to match it. Lots of 'stars' are doing that - and photos there to prove it.

I HATE Verizon Home Telephone Service

I'm SO frustrated! I'm now on the phone - hold - 5th call or so to try to END my elderly father's phone service! What biggies all service is amazing! Absolutely sick, sad, pathetic, etc. etc. etc.
On top of this - it took me 3 WEEKS - yes - 3 WEEKS and crying like a crazy lady on the phone last October to get it installed!
Sew - do NOT get home Verizon service if you are smart!

Miracles In Action Update

This will make you just weep, gals! Our efforts to support the vocational school in Guatemala where people learn to help themselves is awesome! Every time you place an order with me at you support this charity!
Here is what my contact - Penny just wrote:

"I have attached a poster that you can put on your website - the funds you sent us helped to buy those sewing machines. Miracles in Action gave Amigos de Santa Cruz $6,000 to buy them, the loom, and other supplies (thread, etc.) Pat asked me what type sewing machines to buy. I suggested treadle type, and to ask the sewing instructor at the other smaller project we support. She "went to town", and got the machines, and getting them to this village is no small task - it is located on the side walls of a crater lake, and only reachable by boat. You will see this from the photo. You can probably learn more from their website, and they have a newsletter online.
Thank you for your help in this. You have made a difference. Maybe someday, you would like to go see it for yourself.
And this - from a person more personally involved with this project...

"Good Morning, Londa, Im Pat, Director of Amigos de Santa Cruz, Penny's
partner organization in Santa Cruz. I wanted to thank you personally for your donation for our new sewing and weaving center. The CECAP center was inaugurated on April 26th and classes have already begun. Students in 5th through 9th grade are learning basic sewing skills. This is the first time ever that young people have had the opportunity to learn hands-0n skills as part of their school program. Adults will begin classes in June. We plan to teach basic sewing to begin with and develop a few different products that the women can sell locally including aprons and bags. As adults complete a full course, they will have the option to apply for a micro loan to purchase their own sewing machine and start their own mini-business. We are also having two looms built for weaving, another skill the people have expressed a strong interest in learning. Your donation is helping to make this all possible. The impact will be long term. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to learn hands on skills that will lead to jobs and a stronger economy for the villagers and the community. Please visit our website at to read more about our visions for CECAP and learn more about what we do in Santa Cruz. Be sure to download our most currently newsletter. Feel free to ask any questions. Patricia Torpie Director, Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation Santa Cruz la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala P.O. Box 148, Lopez Island, WA 98261 "

Spring Quilt Market Review

OK - back and recovered for a few days now from Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis.....and caught up on business here at home - and I guess 'recuperated'!

Quilt Market is held 2 times a year: once in the spring and it travels around the country - and then the other time in late October in Houston, right before the infamous Quilt Festival. Market is where shop owners, designers, distributors, etc. go to actually place orders for their shops and businesses from .... people like myself: pattern designers (of which there are UNTOLD numbers!), fabric manufacturers (the REAL draw!), trim people...about everything and anything you can imagine might be sold in a fabric/quilt shop. It is where shop owners go to 'find something new', find out what is 'hot', etc.

A booth selling SuperMan fabric even brought in a bonafide Phone Booth! Amazing...
To put it simply - I was honored to be a part of this event. It is certainly a testament to HARD WORK - takes most of us a full day to cart in and set up a booth - and untold hours of preparation besides. It is really good old USA Capitalism - meaning WORKING FOR a LIVING at its best. imho.....

Twas quite an experience! I was there 'peddling' my own line of Talking Patterns™ (which received rave reviews by the way!), book and DVD. My new Genesis Too™ pattern was extremely well received due to having made the samples in current quilt fabrics, and having a Teacher's Outline available to help utilize it in classes and workshops. My friend/helper Von went with me and had a VERY good time shopping! Though you're not supposed to 'sell product', but only take orders - HMMMMM - quite a different story. I sure took product so they could take home - saving us both shipping expense! Many others did the same thing - and if minimums weren't met, were happy to sell at retail. Let's just say Von has plenty of 'work' cut out for her! :) She was great at 'sniffing' things out for me though! I'm VERY excited about what I found to offer MY customers at Londa's Creative Threads website and expos around the country. My head is SPINNING with new ideas, interpretations of my jackets on which to use all these great ideas and products!

Some things to share. First - I just must state that the effort that vendors go to in order to make spectacular booths AMAZED US! The first photo above is of a chest covered with a wire GATE, covered with glass! Just too cool an idea for a coffee table, or any kind of table. Under the glass - see the memorabilia? Then - on the legs that supported the gate - were big old bed springs - or what looked like that. TOO CUTE~!!
Am always after new ideas for decorating - even display in my booth, so in the 2nd photo the arrangement of bars held by fabric caught my eye. Sending to all of you - and Dear Daughter-Mother of my #1 perfect Grandson - for an idea of displaying his artwork. If you look hard under the purse at the pattern, you can see that it is anchored by a push pin from the back of this huge painted bar - like a huge popsicle stick.

The 3rd photo was just a very nice room setting all created with quilt fabric. The chest really caught my eye especially - the fabric glued to the drawer covers.

Look carefully around the top of the 4th photo (sorry - don't know how to get photos by verbage ) to see the penants made of the quilt fabric. How fun is that?!? And a 2nd grader on up could help make those for their room! What a fun summer project...
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Below - is the RUSH of Sample Spree held the first night. My conclusion: not a one of these eager buyers has ANY fabric! Yea - right!!!!! The fabric manufacturers give spectacular buys on fabric at this crazy night. And these ladies PAY $10 to get in! We decided that basically, the customers want ALOT but for a steal of a price. Was an experience to behold - crazy ladies (mostly) shopping!

This is Art Felt. The most amazing
new thing' - at least to me - that we found.
It's not needle felting.
It's not wet felting.
It's not fulling.
It's Artfelt®.

My starting order is on its way - and I can't wait to get my hands on this. I envision it in the collar on one of my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets! Like especially Esther from my book, Creative Sweatshirt Jackets...Londa's Way, which everyone thinks is felted fabric anyway. The 'secret' is the paper - which is of potato starch. During the process, it gives you something to 'felt to'. Then- after agitation (which they say is all that is needed - wetness plus agitation - the drier), you pour boiling water over it to dissolve it. It's kinda like the Solvy Scarf idea - you stitch the ribbons to water-soluble Solvy Stabilizer, then wash it all and the Solvy disappears...well - this is the same! More once it comes in and I get to PLAY! Ohhhhh - and the roving colors, mixes - absolutely breath-taking! Gives me goose bumps remembering.....!!!!! Can't wait - can't wait - can't wait!

I was tickled to death to see amazing, luscious FABRIC as selected by Linda Lee from the Sewing Workshop available at my main supplier! So - OF COURSE I have some ordered - be on the watch for it to arrive soon.

Trims Trims and more TRIMS. I was on the lookout for a good, narrow black - and I found that, plus GOLD, plus great yarns, decorative threads. In my mind - all for my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - but just fun to offer on my site and in my booth at expos for your creating pleasure. Can't wait - can't wait!

Did see the Roll the Gold 45 mm Rotary Blade there too...then, when I got home, it finally arrived in stock. This blade is Titanium nitride coated steel...which WILL last longer than your everyday rotary blade! Installed mine on my favorite Dritz (pressure activated) and Clover Rotary Cutters last night. I have a few garments to whip up in the next few weeks - so they'll get a workout. Two blades for $11.95 - not too bad - if they last longer - which I'm pretty sure they are destined to do!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Genesis Too™ Talking Pattern™ off to the printer!
Yea - I'm only an hour or so away from sending off Genesis Too™ to the printer and my techy son for their part of the 'labor of love' of creating a new pattern! The only real job I have left - other than proofing (no small job!), is to trace off the nested size pattern pieces for Front, Back, and Sleeve...and THAT will have to wait til I return from the Spring Quilt Market and some family moving work.
At any rate - it is due to be available June 15 - and I've put it up at my site for pre-orders at this time. Please understand, if you order, you DO pay for it NOW, but you'll have to wait until it is ready before I can ship it - obviously!
From the pattern back: Seeing the sweatshirt as 'fabric and matching ribbing' fast forwards you through fitting issues, and moves the sleeve seam to the natural shoulder location. An extensive Embellishment library full of techniques, photos, AND Design Principles will help give you options, AND filter your decisions. This style is developed for the beginner level - though all sewers will enjoy the creative process. It is PERFECT for classes and workshop experiences!

Save $3 on this pattern since you read about it on my blog...Click on the link below.

Londa's Way of Setting in Sleeves just posted on YouTube

Yea - finally had my son tape me setting in the sleeves on the linen jacket I made using my Chosen pattern collar design and embellishment. I need to finish that Blog post as well - but I've been VERY busy on my new pattern: Genesis Too™!
Anyway - go see it at the Free Info Tab at my this link: Londa's Way of Setting in Sleeves - It's all in the Fingers!
Try it - I think you'll like it - and let me know how it goes for you!

Perhaps I can just embed it here - I'll try - Ahhh I see it worked!

Your comments HERE and at YouTube much appreciated! Also - if you have questions- ask away!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Genesis Too ™ New Pattern Mess

Well - I'm at it again.... Ideas come either in the shower or in the car with a grat assistant - and this time it was with Gloria driving back from Detroit...the idea to do a version of my Transformed Pattern - featuring the cardigan neckline and sleeves set up to regular placement at shoulder.

So - that's what I'm up to. See my office, my work room (ala basement), and the Kitchen counter where I've labored over grading and refining the pattern itself. Yes - this one will have Front, Back, and Sleeves included. PLUS, directions for 2 jackets - both brand new, and an Embellishment Library to boot!

Thus - combined with elderly parent issues, why you're not hearing from me via newsletters lately.

BUT! Great news - the new sweatshirts from USA Comfort Color are dribbling in and they are GREAT!!!! I work in a creative mess, or what???!?????????????
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