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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

LIVING pattern booklet at the printer

Yeah..... before I left for the Atlanta show - I met my goal of creating and writing the directions AND doing the 'TALKING' recording portion of my newest pattern, LIVING.
See the 3rd jacket here at the left - this one I've called
Journey'. it features a large bias scarf type 'collar' and I created some really distinctive seaming down the sleeve to conquer a 'bump' I've been seeing at the top of the sleeve seam when I do my 'Quick and EZ' underarm fitting alteration.

The pink jacket I entitled 'Endurance' to pay honor to all women battling breast cancer and heart disease. Say - about that, I really had my curiosity peaked today while reading while Glenda drove, on my KINDLE book a book by Suzanne Somers - called Ageless: The naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones. If you're a woman - you need to read this book - or even if you're concerned about living the life God has given you to its very fullest for the years He gives you here on this earth - I think you should read it. I can tell ya, I'm gonna get on the phone when i get home to find a Doctor who believes in BioIdentical Hormones. Though I feel I'm very healthy - at coming up on 58, I've seen a mother with breast cancer and now Alzheimers, and have been through infertility, endometriosis, and an unnecessary hysterectomy in my lifetime. SURE glad I refused to be 'cleaned out' by that Dr. and was left with one ovary that served me well - VERY well it seems. I've refused any synthetic hormone replacment therapy - and I'm very, very glad i did when i read this book, but these bioidentical hormones - that's another story. They are from nature, thereby not patentable - hence pharmeceutical companies are not interested - because no $$ in it. No surprise, eh? My main concern these days is avoiding cancer, strong bones, staying active, and improving my SLEEP!
Anyway - I highly recommend this book, and will be devouring the MEN part of it next.

As mentioned in a previous post, the grey jacket - previously known as the 'SWIRL' jacket has become the 'Peace' Jacket for this new pattern. Again, my tithe from this pattern, along with your contributions, will dig a well to give an African village clean water. Read more about it at that post below.

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Shoppin' at Sew Bee It on way to Atlanta Original Sewing & Quilt Expo

Ahhhh - shoppin' heaven on the way today to the Atlanta Sewing & Quilt Expo where I'll be teaching and vending this Thurs., Fri., and Saturday...
SUCH a lovely quilt shop - Sew Bee It - Glenda, my assistant, had found in the Quilter's Travel Companion. In Ringgold, GA, this charming shop was so neat, anc clean, and such attractive displays, and lovely women to help.

Photo'd are my selections that I bought either 1.5 or more yards of - in 3/4 yard increments - as 3/4 yard is always enough to one of my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets. Then...the excess will end up in one of my Kits that I sell at the shows and when I visit guilds.

I can't wait to atach that whirly print with patches of Texture Magic on the back, stitched, and then 'textured' when I shrink the Texture Magic on the back...those whirly gigs will just POP! I'll put it on either Mustard or Denim sweatshirts, and probably combine it with parts of jeans - of course! I 'see my Transformed or Worthy pattern in it.

The piece at the upper right was in a group of corals and greens - colors i've decorated my home in in the past - and still love, so I had to have a piece of it. I think I'll end up segmenting it as I have done on the PeriKona jacket in my Transformed pattern.

The solids at the left, I'd seen recently at another shop. They are from Kaufmann - I forget the name, but they are 55% cotton, 45% silk. Sheen on one side. Can't wait to try my Dupioni fur - bias strips layered with them. I also think this fabric has enough 'drape' quality to it that it might work in the insert draped back on my Celebration pattern.

In the center then are 2 colorways of a large floral - 'see that on my Refined pattern. And, the one on the far right is a 'Quilter's Tweed' - like a photograph of wool tweed - with a solid black background.

In the foreground is a blotchy soft mix of hemp, brown and orang - just scrumptious...!

Hope I can sleep tonight after petting and 'imagining' over my stash additions from the day...again - if not, my mind will be creating jackets with them.

Sew Bee It has even opened a large, sunny room where they have lovely yarns. I'm always on the hunt for a textured black with some character - so I was tickled to find this Zinnia Black that is 74% cotton, 26% nylon.

Sew....if your travels get you anywhere near Chattanooga, TN - just hop over the state line to Ringgold in the NW corner of GA, and you're there. Let your GPS take you there - 6103 Alabama Highway, Ringgold, GA.

Chatting along the way, Glenda helped me decide on a succint description of what my career is these days - I'm a 'Wearable Art Designer' who travels the country teaching my techniques to sewers of both quilting and garment persuasion at guild workshops, shops, and sewing expositions. AND - operate an active sewing-related webstore supplying notions and creative sewing supplies. " How's that sound? Seems lately when people ask why I'm traveling so much I'm at a loss for words and hesitantly say that "you're not gonna believe this but .... my niche is transforming a sweatshirt into a stylish jacket - so I've written a book, patterns, and 2 DVD's about this and creative sewing..." I think the first try sounds better. Help - comment with your suggestions!

Oh - have LIVING at the printer - another blog post to come...
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