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Monday, May 10, 2010

Genesis Too ™ New Pattern Mess

Well - I'm at it again.... Ideas come either in the shower or in the car with a grat assistant - and this time it was with Gloria driving back from Detroit...the idea to do a version of my Transformed Pattern - featuring the cardigan neckline and sleeves set up to regular placement at shoulder.

So - that's what I'm up to. See my office, my work room (ala basement), and the Kitchen counter where I've labored over grading and refining the pattern itself. Yes - this one will have Front, Back, and Sleeves included. PLUS, directions for 2 jackets - both brand new, and an Embellishment Library to boot!

Thus - combined with elderly parent issues, why you're not hearing from me via newsletters lately.

BUT! Great news - the new sweatshirts from USA Comfort Color are dribbling in and they are GREAT!!!! I work in a creative mess, or what???!?????????????
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