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Monday, May 25, 2009

What I'm Up To

12 Days to the Wedding and Counting............

See the bathroom project - designing floating flowers and candles in clear vases for table centerpieces. All done and packed carefully for transport 2 hours away to wedding location. The crib is almost empty of wedding paraphenalia. Gowns are all done - though waiting for final fitting/bridal approval. (Though I've told her it is TOO late to make any changes - she still wants to try it on again!). Cotton (PURCHASED!) bridesmaids gowns are at drycleaner for a wet starch/press to 'perk them up' - with my fingers crossed this will work as well as we think it will. AND, I have my prayer warriors all praying for NO RAIN IN INDIANAPOLIS area on June 6! Daughter lived through the bachelorette party safely - so at least at this point, she won't be on crutches coming up the aisle from the planned mechanical bull ride...or so she reports.

The dining room is back to a dining room, but before I made that transformation,I got myself into a much bigger project than I could have imagined creating some baby shower gifts for my niece.

5 Bibs and a Growth Chart. I was proud of myself for realizing that a bath towel would be an quick and EZ backing for the bibs. That worked well. I hadn't appliqued in so long - I'm not thrilled with my 'technique' - but then it's the love that counts sewn in, eh? It seems my machine needs a trip to the service shop as I fought breaking thread and tension the entire time. However, look at the neat effect upset tension gave the antennae on the butterfly....

I've now moved all my creative mess back to my basement studio/shop area where it belongs - convinced forever that as messy as I am when I sew - it MUST stay hidden. It drove me crazy on the first floor where I like to keep things reasonably neat and clean and presentable!

This holiday weekend found me cleaning, organizing, hubby assembling some bady needed shelving for shipping boxes, show supplies,and my stash of fabric that is organized in paper boxes by color. What a treat that organization will be!

AND - I'm about ready for the filming session tomorrow for my newest DVD -
Londa's Refined Embellishments for Creative Clothing
that I hope to have available for my next show in Cincinnati the end of June.

Meanwhile - enjoying #1 Grandson as always....planting the garden, flowers, etc. I introduced him to worms, and he loves hunting and playing with them. What a joy to be a boy when 'nature calls' and your cothes are all dirty and wet...