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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LUV my Kindle!

Stuck in O'HARE airport for 3 hours - plane from Indi late - so will get to Puyallup, WA very late tonight...
Grateful for:
  • my new KINDLE - automatic book - not sure how it works - but thoroughly enjoying it!!!! Highly recommend Chris Fabry's "Dogwood". Enchanting - intriguing, and inspiring book.
  • Computer - electricity - friends - everything i can stay in contact with via an electrical hookeup here in airport!
  • Family supportive of this vagabond 'career' of mine - and all the opportunities coming my way! SO grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sewers...Help Drill a Well

OK - so I'm hard at work on my newest pattern, 'Living'. Formerly known as the 'Swirl Jacket' - it has proven so popular that I'm adding 2 jackets to it and making it a pattern - called 'LIVING'.
So named because the swirls remind me of water as it goes around stones - Christ is the 'Living Water'.... Sew...I think: let's join together to dig a well for a village in Africa!

This well costs $2600 to drill through World Vision.
According to their website, "In countries like Malawi, a well just 60' deep can bring health and life to a community of 150 people supplying more than 600 gallons of wafe ater a day for drinking, bathing, irrigating crops and watering livestock."

I will tithe 10% which is $1.50 of the sale of each of these patterns to this cause. However, that would take selling 1734 patterns! That's a LOT of patterns!

Sew...I need your help! At this website, you can help us reach this goal sooner - by donating to this cause directly!

This pattern to create a great jacket from a sweatshirt - with THREE related jacket styles - will be available by the end of March, but I'm taking pre-orders at this time.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Eeeks - YEA - I get to teach at Houston Quilt Festival!

Eeks - and once again, I'm humbled to be selected to be on the faculty for the Houston Quilt Festival! I discovered the email notifying me of my selection buried in the hundred+ emails here as I dig through them in the Houston airport!
Not sure which class proposal they selected - certainly one of my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket classes.
Can't wait to get home and dig into the contract being mailed to me...
Meanwhile - I'm just thrilled to smithereens - is that a word?

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Londa's Creative Threads

Observations On the Road

On the road now since Feb. 2 - been to Denver where I was treated to being hosted by and helped by Jo Ann - a wonderful customer from my old retail storefront days who is now located in Fort Collins.
The Rusty Barn Sewing Expo in Denver at the Merchandise Mart was my first real 'educated' effort at flying to a show and having a booth/teaching, etc. Worked quite well - and I'm so humbled by the generous reaction to my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets .
As gals asked "WHAT is a 'Talking Pattern' and I explained it as (I could say this in my sleep...!) "As I design and stitch a jacket, I take a photo of every step of the process. THEN, I actually record a verbal tutorial to go with each step. That then - the photo of each step, and my 'telling you what to do (or not do!)' for each step of the jacket creation is what you have access to online at the dedicated special website for each 'Talking Pattern" as it is given to you in the pattern booklet when you purchase it from me." It was so much fun to see a big GRIN come across their face - and they say, "Well, I guess I COULD do it then..."!!!

Common sentiment was 'please return in July' - so I just need to orchestrate fitting this into my schedule - and hopefully along with a Colorado Vacation for my hubby and I for second week in July, 2010.
Thanks to all of you in Denver area for your warm reception!

I'm now on my way to do a 3 day presentation and workshops for the Corpus Christi, TX ASG guild...that will be a ball!

Along the observations:
1. I need a travel scale to know when my bags are at that 50 lb. limit!
2. I need to buy some back-up locks for my suitcases, as the airports love to just cut them off!
3. The BEST place to get your shoes looking like NEW is at an airport by those shoe shine manifico guys!
4. Whoever has the solutuion to sleeping well in strange beds and motels - PLEASE let me know! i just pray I sleep more than I think I do~!
5. I was the lone "COLTS" fan on the airplane as it landed at Houston right before the Super Bowl. Here I sit - chatting with a stranger - now a friend as the Super Bowl begins.
6. Colorado has a secret! 360 days of sunshine a year - more than Miami or San Diego! MUCH more temperate here than I ever imagined in February.