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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bachelor

The Bachelor.....
OK - WHY do I watch this nonsense???? I certainly don't agree with the premise - much less the morals, or the process!
Nonethelesss...I'm watching. (So is hubby!)
I know - I watch because of the CLOTHES! I love to see what these bimbos are all wearing - and decide if I think they look good in it...

I hate, hate, hate how pathetic our English language has become...
I think I'm gonna scream if I hear one more time:

  • 'like' used over and over
  • 'you guys' ................... they are gals, for one thing
  • take our relationship to the next level...

Just venting....

PS - are those fangs on this blonde real????

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Feline Helper

I'm hard at creative work on my Mystery Project these days - and here is my 'Guard' Cat. This is Dopey - who is Bella's big brother. He really is quite the cat - note how his front paws are crosed here. He's found this new favorite place on top of m project bin. That navy sweatshirt he's plopped himself on will have to get washed a couple of times to get his long fur off! I love him too - just not that long hair - it's no fun to stroke because it is always full of static.

What amazes me about animal fur is the markings - how in one strand of fur - the color changes. The symmetry too. Only a very, very wonderful, awesome, miraculout, BIGGER than I can imagine creator God could make all that! Then - when the fur comes out - another one, marked the SAME way comes back in - absolutely AMAZING!

Anyway - I am in my 'heaven' - designing and writing directions. Hubby home with pneumonia, not a good thing - but at least there are pills to cure it and we know what it is!

Hoping you're safe, warm, and enjoying a hobby. I'm SEW lucky to have my hobby be my 'work' as well!
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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Recent books I've read

The Last Jihad and The Last Days by Joel Rosenberg were thrillers based on modern day history and gave me a new insight into the middle eastern conflict. These fictional books so intersect with modern day events and issues = you'll be amazed and glued to them! I certainly was. In fact, I actually read The Last Days 2 times not even realizing it until more than half way through!!!!! That is how FULL this author packs characters and events into his works.

HIGHLY recommend!

Also - went back into history upon reading of Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington in Sarah Palin's newest book. I learned oodles about the culture of slavery in U.S. History and certainly have a newfound knowlege and respect for Booker T. Washington. His respect for and elevation of WORK - and work done well was inspiring and refreshing.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sewing for Russell - My Grand-Dog!

OK - so I was at the fabric store looking through the pattern book to find the Simplicity Apron pattern I'd used for my daughter - as I had been requested to stitch up another one - this time with a 'top' to it - and I came across ALL these pet clothes patterns! ... This is one of 7 views in Simplicity 9520.

You seee - my DD and wonderful hubby decided to add a DOG to their family - no less than about 2 weeks after they moved into their new house no less -- so now I have a Grand Dog.
He's pretty cute though - I gotta say. He and my #1 Grandson play so cute together. So now my baby has a house, a yard, AND a dog. Very 'Lassie' plan I'd say. I just wish the world were like it was during 'Lassie' episode days and he could go out and run the neighborhood and play!

Anyway - back at the store, then... I saw this Indianapolis Colts polar fleece - so I was off and running. Russell being black, I thought that the bands would be best a blue - but could NOT find a blue ribbing or fleece that would work - so you can't see the bands around his back-end, neck, or front legs, but they are black. I also must admit, it was kinda hard to 'get the picture' of sewing for a dog. Things were quite different as far as 'pieces' go - and it tickled my brain a bit - but that's always a good thing.

The back side curves up a bit to under the tummy - but I have to agree - it needs a 'pee pee' alteration - curving that up a tad more. As it is - they'll just have to fold up the back end when he goes out to 'do his business'. I had stitched it up pretty much - to a fitting stage - to give it to them, and then ran down and finished it off all on the 31st - midst putting a big meal on the table - you get the picture. So then, when the additional 'alteration' was requested - my reply was it would just have to wait!

Sew............there you have it: the "HIT" gift of the Christmas 2010 season. Have fun - sew for your animals!!!

By the way - I stitched this up on my serger - which uses EL needles, which I handle at my website at 25% savings...both in a combo pack of 80's and 90's, or all 80's and all 90's.
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