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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Commentary - Ceremony

I'm moved! because of a business engagement, I was on the road this morning - and just now, this evening, have had a chance to watch a recording of the ceremony.
HOW MOVING - HOW Beautiful! WHAT a TRIBUTE to God's sacrament of marriage between a man and a woman! YES!!!!!

I am grateful for the message of this marriage - the pomp, the ritual, the quiet beauty of not only the bride, but the ceremony and the excitement, the loyalty, the pride of the British people. Oh - for this level of respect for marriage as God ordained it in OUR land.

I know some think it is silly, but I think the attention the world has given this marriage is a testament to the God-given yearning we all have to meet the challenges of life with another: man with woman, woman with man.

I pray sincerely for the success, the blessing of children, God's guidance of this couple as they face the challenge of their roles in their country.

Onto the dress ....
Well, my guess of last post was pretty close. I wasn't surprised at all by the long lace sleeves either. Beautiful.

Equally beautiful is the dress for Pippa, her sister. I'd LOVE to see that one up close. Beautiful silhouette - absolutely beautiful.

I'd love to know the history behind the choir robes, ruffled collars on those adorable little boys, the lace ascots over top of the red soldier-looking choir members standing out front.

And the HAT! Can't help but observe that on all the one-sided ones that the 'hat', the 'fluff' is ALWAYS on the left as you look at the lady...their right side. This aligns with what I've been taught - and teach, that focal points belong on one's right - which is the left as they are seen. Because - we read left to right.

Can NOT figure out though why Queen wears a pin so high and in addition to pearls!

Quite the pleated skirt thing going on on Camilla's ensemble! She looks so austere and sad. So much of Kate and William seems so much better, more mature than the whole Charles/Diana marriage.

Wonder why the preacher guy took of that pointed hat for part of the ceremony...

Westminster Abbey! Wow!!! I don't know how old it is, but that man figured out how to build such a beautiful, arched, tall, symmetrical cathedral - only testifies to the intelligence God planted in us, His image.

I can't but think...if this is what we can accomplish here on earth - what glory it will be ours to see in heaven. My mind is all into heaven these days reading Randy Alcorn's HEAVEN, and just read last night and this evening, 'Heaven is Real' about the little 4 year old boy who obviously died and came back during surgery with many details proving he was, indeed, in heaven. What a gift - this glimpse. I highly recommend it!

And now - back to the challenges of this day - which, in our country, is coming to the aid - monetarily, in person, and in prayer for all those families so devastated with the tornadoes. May God be glorified in how we respond...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Commentary-Day Before the Wedding

DID YOU SEE THE right side hem on Kate's white ruffle front jacket hanging down on TV tonight - coverage as she arrived at the hotel?

Tell-tale quick construction in my book - depending on the lining to hold up the hem! IN my construction thinking, a hem should ALWAYS be hand stitched to the garment, and the lining hand-stitched to the hem. But hey - what do I know?

THat hanging hem just screamed to me in this 'event' where everyone is holding their breath wondering what Kate's dress will be like...

My guess?

Slim through the waist - full with gores. Probably all a beautiful lace - and with at least little cap sleeves.

If she shows up in that monster of a dress with the HUGE flower-textured skirt they just showed on Inside Edition - I'll scream!

The spot on the hats looks amazing. I'd love to go to one of those hat-makers and see the entire process!!!

Back to reality - the devastation in the south here in the USA has me in prayer for the many people and towns effected. I'm confident that God's people will be the ones to show up first and stay the longest. Telling already to hear the survivors say they are 'blessed' to have survived even though they've lost anything. Yes, all that matters is your life. The rest is just 'stuff'.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preview on the Royal Wedding

You just have to take a minute to watch this 'preview'...

I'll be traveling during the big event - boo hoo, but I'm sure I'll get to see a replay of the REAL thing...

Did hear on a Christian radio station yesterday from a British commentator that Kate Middleton is a Christian...and that the church has issued a request for prayer for the couple. Even issued was a prayer for children to pray - and it starts "Dear Jesus" !! Oh - for our country to be so bold for Christ!

To hear this enlightening discussion, go to:

Friday, April 08, 2011

DKNY Vogue 1250 in 2.5 hours

This is just too much fun!
I've been working too darned hard - and decided to sneak in a new dress for myself this my Vogue patterns (see last post) arrived yesterday!

I am so fortunate to be able to not only have been taught to sew - but to have the $ TO sew, and to have work that I LOVE to do - in teaching others and sharing how I do it! For all that - I give God the glory. On top of that, I have the health to do it. I have a dear friend with fibromyalgia who hurts too much to do lots of things - so for health as well, I give God the glory!

That being stated, in just 2.5 hours TOPS, I cut out and stitched up Vogue 1250 of this teal slinky jacquard fabric this morning - and will proudly wear it tonight at the neighborhood ballroom dancin hall!

I've been so 'into' taking photos of every step as I work on my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Talking Patterns™ , that I just couldn't convince myself to NOT do that for this garment all the photos AND my commentary below each are available at my Picasa Album created for it as found HERE.

Therefore, I'll add just a few progress photos at this post.
Sheesh - do I have thread?? It's a knit - so I don't need to serge - and it's a simple dress, so it won't take much thread. However, I DO want to twin needle stitch. Here's what I found...these 3. The RULE ALWAYS IS: select a DARKER thread than your fabric. THAT is why the middle and the right ones worked the best. AND it had to be 100% polyester thread in order to stretch with the fabric.

For needle, I selected my favorite size 75/11 STRETCH needle - meaning it has a slightly rounded tip - to separate the fibers of the fabric, rather than to pierce them as a sharp needle would do. A Denim/Sharp or Microtex needle is sharp pointed for woven fabrics. A UNIVERSAL needle is just a hybrid of Stretch and Sharp -and imho, NOT the best for ANYTHING. My advice - take it or leave it.

REad at the Picasa Blog - but after determining and measuring the back finished neckline, allowing that that is supposed to be 1" below my back neck bone, and checking waist length, I determined that I needed to add 5/8" to the pattern. That's what I've done here. Made use of my favorite pattern tissue paper, Medical Pattern Paper - available at my website, ALWAYS have magic scotch tape in a desk dispenser too!

I decided to try to add a godet up the center back seam (there are NO side seams!). Here is my figuring and cutting that long triangle from leftover fabric.

Speaking of fabric, I'm glad I bought extra, as this fabric was 50" wide instead of 60" wide. 60" wide fabric requires only 1.25 yards! Even that was hard for me to believe - so I bought 3 I believe...and hope to get a little T-Shirt out of the leftovers.

I have a really slick way of marking with pins...find it COMPLETELY explained at the Picasa Web Album via photos and my comments under each photo. To be able to read all the comments, you have to click on EACH photo.

This technique ONLY works when the fabric is cut out RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. You just stab pins in where you want it marked, carefully tear away the pattern, stick pins in on the opposite side, then pull apart - THEN pin together to mark where to stitch.

This dress is SO EASY!
1. I added the center back godet.
2. I threw away the silly back neck facing pattern and used Clear Elastic instead to finish the back neckline.
3. Stitch front tucks and shoulder seams.
4. Stitch back seam.
5. Stitch upper back to back skirt.
6. Hem lower and sleeve edges.

VERY important is hemming - and STABILIZING the hem - which I did using Knit/Stretch Fusible Stay Tape. It goes on the HEM allowance, and it is SO important to 'balance the bulk' in hem areas! Do this by clipping the seam allowance and pressing the seams opposite directions.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Personal Sewing Plans...FUN!

OK - since I've designed and stitched 14 jackets since mid December (2 to go)...a Secret Project... I'm gearing up to do some PERSONAL sewing!

From the Teal jacquard knit - 2nd from left, purchased from Emma Seabrooke at Schaumburg...

Vogue 1250 - a classic DKNY I imagine will be in my wardrobe for a LONG time - AND serve as impetus to NOT gain weight! Would you believe this takes only 1.25 yards? I hardly could - so bought 3 just in case - and then to make a T as well...

The paisley knit - also from Emma - is a brushed almost polyester I think. It will be a top - of some sort - and I think I'll get some pink chiffon to play at the neck - ala this great idea on a gal who came into my booth - and was kind enough to let me take photos of this great sweater she purchased. Evidence of all the BIAS raw edges on sheers out there!
I saw another great little finish at Chico's the other day - I will return - perhaps tomorrow - and snap a photo to add.... just a touch of bias finishing the neckline - TOO CUTE!
This finish would be better on a jacket as shown...but then I might have enough of this pink paisley for a Jacket AND a T... that's an idea! Stay tuned......

Vogue 1208 - Platt design - just another classic I HAD to have for $3.99 - why not? It might be a strong option for the hand-dyed aqua/blue silk charmeuse at the right of the fabric photo... But, for SURE with the matte, NOT SHINEY side out! Perhaps I'd bind the neckline with a bias of the shiney side, but no sheen on MY hips!

That 3rd fabric from the right was a Vogue Fabrics 'steal' - a poly georgette - on tap might be:
This flippy little number featuring flounces... Vogue 1104

OR... Vogue 1158 caught my eye - perhaps out of the silk charmeuse...

This Kay Unger classic just HAD to join my 'collection'..... for any wedding upcoming, I think it would be PERFECT! - especially out of silk dupioni. Now - who is gonna get married? NOt a problem - with a super hubby who I get to dance with every Friday night (at least when I'm home..) I have the perfect excuse for pretty dresses!

Vogue 1160 - Polka Dot dress above... I'm adding this for several reasons - I think it is an adorable dress - but I also KNOW it is pathetic color/print for the blonde model!!! I mean really - do you see HER in the dress, or just the DRESS? 3 guesses, and the first 2 don't count! Take in my 'Frumpy to WOW' class at a show - or at my upcoming Creative Sewing Get-Away Weekend May 12-15 and you'll understand WHY this is SO Bad!

This one just simply intrigues me - gotta see how it is made. Another option for the silk charmeuse on the right -

Seems to really need a belt though...could be a sash of the shiny side of the fabric...

Vogue 1223 from Anne Klein.

Vogue 1232 - now this one has a 'split personality' in my book. I don't get that tailored bodice with this flippy, unique flounce skirt. I bought it to create a SKIRT only!

Sew...there you have it - some plans anyway - and that's half the fun of sewing!!! Comment away - chime in with what YOU are planning to sew for spring/summer 2011!~

Monday, April 04, 2011

BIRTHED: Creative Sweatshirt Jackets...Londa's Way Book TWO

Creative Sweatshirt Jackets - Book 2

WOW! I feel as if I've given birth to 9 more 'children'! Adding to the 5 jackets in my first book, find
  • Complete TALKING™ directions for every Basic Direction task and EVERY jacket
  • BOTH of my Fitting Techniques included
  • NEW embellishment 'wrapping' edges techniques perfected!
  • COLOR photography throughout the book!
  • LOTS of additional photos at the associated online website (as given INSIDE the book)
I squeezed this task into my very active creative and traveling schedule late last year and the first months of this year, working VERY diligently to 'give birth' to this new product. It seemed a logical step as the stock of my first book was about depleted.

To purchase the book AND one each of the VERY IMPORTANT Stay Tapes that you NEED in order to create jackets that look like mine (regularly $7.50 each - and NOT available in chain styores!), go here:

Many thanks to the confident customers and students who pre-ordered this book at both the Puyallup Creative Sewing Stitchery Expo in early March and the Lakeland, FL Original Sewing & Quilting Expo mid March. Your copies are mailing first class USPS Mail today and tomorrow (April 4 & 5).

Once again, I couldn't have accomplished this without the able and creative assistance of my wonderfully talented and artistic son, Jeff. As you listen to the audio and see all the photos, it is HIS skills that make this possible! Way to go, Jeff! Dear Husband Charley encourages me along the way - and diligently stuffs the envelope of patterns into the back of each book, and manages all the BOXES!

Also thanks to Shelley at my friendly local printer, Upclose Printing here in Champaign, IL. She hung with me through countless revisions and corrections!

Down to the 'order fulfillment center'.... ala the basement.... I go!

SAVE Since you read about it on my BLOG -
click HERE for the Book ONLY and save!
click HERE for the Book and 2 Fusible Stay Tape  Deal.