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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is the Hyatt really 'high'?????

Hmmmm.... working extremely hard at this Quilt Show in Chicago, my helper, Birdie and I check into the Hyatt Regency across the street - at a kiosk in the elegant lobby.... all seems fine with the reservation I made MONTHS ago for a room with TWO beds....
Needing to get back to work, have the bellman take up our bags to the room............
Come back to the room after a hard day's work to find it a lovely suite - lots of room and amenities I do NOT need, and ONE bed!
Call to register a complaint and that I need what I had be told that reservations are considered 'requests' that they 'try' to fulfill, and the only room with 2 double beds left in this entire hotel is a smoking room... they would be bringing in a roll-away.
HMMMMM..... not what I always understood a reservation to be! Comments? Anyone else given that definition of a reservation. But, then, if you had an American Airlines ticket to go somewhere recently - I'm sure you understand..........

Complaining about the $ rate for such poor service, I was given a negligable adjustment. Deciding that being over 50 - no, make that 55 now, this is NOT just OK..that I'm a big girl now and need to stand up for myself... but still be nice, of course... I call back and ask to speak to the manager.
THEN, and only then, am I given the first night free, and will be moved to another room according to my reservation for the rest of my stay (3 more nights).

AND - to top that off............would you believe????????????? Internet costs $10/ day???? On top of that - pay for parking - not sure if it is $10 as quoted here, or $28 as on internet.
If this is the norm for a company like the Hyatt - well, it is a sad, sad day...

Give me my small town motel service, and say a Hampton ANY DAY!~

Venting...venting...venting... :)

Just cements in MY mind that at MY sites, I will bust my buns (and anything else) to be SURE that MY customers are NEVER treated in this way!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Major network TV Design Show - Apply!

Just got this email --- Anyone interested?????

I am a casting producer for a new show, "The Untitled Fashion Project" and we are seeking aspiring fashion designers! Attached is the flyer and below is some info on the show and who I am looking to cast. If you know anyone who you think may be interested in the show, please have them contact me directly ASAP or email me the best number to reach them.WHO WE ARE LOOKING FORStudents, stay at home moms, business professionals, teachers, retirees...anyone who has ever wanted to be a fashion designer but has never been given the opportunity, here is their chance! If you know anyone who makes their own clothes, costumes, etc we want to meet them!! Sewing and pattern making skills are not required...all you need is the passion and the creativity! We are accepting applicants from all over the country. Compete to have a celebrity answer that renowned red carpet event question, "And Who Are You Wearing?" with your name! Those chosen to participate on the show, are only committed to approximately 3-4 days this spring/summer for 1 episode. HELP IN OUR SEARCH!If you know anyone who you think may be interested, please forward the attached flyer! If you have a mass email or newsletter, please help spread the word! HOW TO APPLYThose interested email a recent photo of yourself, pictures of your work, brief bio including design experience and a contact number to: Feel free to call the number below with any questions.Thanks in advance for your help!
Alexis DiamondCasting Producer
Untitled Fashion Project
o: 818.763.2100 x263
c: 310.795.7731f: 818.763.41744146
Lankershim Blvd. Ste.
300North Hollywood, CA 91602