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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Politics: Family is the MOST important issue to me

Family Values is the MOST important thing to me in the election hub-bub. As a professed Christian, I truly believe God has His hand on our country. But, I also believe He has given us this form of government, and our brains, and our free will to handle it responsibly.

As the family goes - so goes the country. And, that, currently - is one scarey statment.

The most balanced source I know of is

Click on this link for some reasonable, unbiased coverage.

Check it out. Form your OWN opinions - not those constantly fed to you by the media.

Jacket/ How-to's in Sew Savvy Magazine

Yea - it's out! My first magazine article since Creative Needle back in the early 90's.

Sew Savvy - March issue that just hit the stands.

It was fun to see my Mom's face when she turned to it. :)

Though I sent as complete directions as I am putting in my pattern 'Design Booklets', it was not surprising to see how much the edited the directions down. I expected that. It's too bad they didn't put in the flower from my garden that inspired it all - which looks like a Morning Glory - but is MUCH MUCH larger. I think someone in a seminar I gave called it a Kataba or something like that - Comment here if you know the name.

Anyway - after reading carefully through the minimal directions, it certainly confirmed in my brain that I want to keep on the path I'm on with my directions - writing EVERYTHING out as completely as I possibly can - Including my design thinking in the creative process.

The collar on this jacket is what I call my "Queen Anne" collar - made from the lower band. That style, along with my "Baseball" collar and "Cardigan" neckline - and Stand-up Lettuce-Edged and Mandarin will be in a new pattern called "Transformed". That one will come out in March - after the Puyallup Show. I've had to get real with myself as to what I can accomplish right now.

We are even well into some remodeling at home...Yea!!! Knocked out a silly wall between my family room and living room - LOVE it! Found a heat vent in part of it so not totally what I wanted, but that's the way life goes. I'm sure I can design around it in some neat way. Also on tap: new carpet, kitchen flooring, countertops, sink, and faucet! Just too exciting - and I'm so grateful we can do this. AND - on top of that, an excuse for not cooking for awhile. hehehehe.

Here's a photo of the back of that jacket:

I hope you can 'see' the divisions of that huge flower in the applique sections on the shoulder, and pocket. ANYTHING can be your inspiration for a garment.

Also note that the emphasis on the collar is on the garments' right shoulder - the LEFT shoulder as one is looking at it - where one's eye goes - to the left side as one 'reads' the garment. I really go into this in my new Pathways pattern.

Sprinkled on this jacket in the center of the back, and front is Bonash Mending Powder (granules of glue) that I then laid Gold Hologram Artisst Foil on and pressed - for little specks of gold 'pixie dust'. Quite a nice, subtle touch I think.

Anyway - enjoy. Would apprecite any comments.

Off to finalize "Refined".