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Monday, January 14, 2008

Progress report on new patterns

Well - I'm hard at work designing - stitching - and then typing. My hubby snapped a pic of me at my old ironing board where I have my laptop set up. I have this down to a system: create - stitch - type the step I just did. I'm thrilled with it - as it will take less time in the long run, and surely be more accurate than ever.

Take a peek at these wondeful hand-dyed wool groups! Thse are new products that I will be able to offer on a continual basis - therefore GREAT 'paint' to use in my new designing! I also have selvage groups from the same place - and am having GREAT fun with them! See in the next picture how I pieced them together to create the front embellishment of this blue jacket.
Clipping into the selveage edge - see what can be done to create a flower! Perhaps needle felting on the inside? I stitched it onto a piece of black silk organza.

"Refined" will be a quick add-on pattern that gives 2 sleeve and 2 armhole silhouettes for really 'refining' that area of a sweatshirt for a better fit. Here are the sleeves as they come cut out of: left - the Authentic Pigment Sweatshirt brand and right - the USA Comfort Color Sweatshirt brand.
This is a jacket from "Refined" testing. It went together quite quickly. How different blacks can be! I tried to use this cut off collar from a sweater - but it was just TOO different. See in the last photo a glimpse of how it finally turned out.

The right side (as you look at it) stayed the same. I scrimped some strips of the same fabric to space out on the left side. I dyed some silk ribbon black - 3 days later, my fingers are finally back to their normal color! The bottom band became a mandaring collar. It features 3 GREAT solid black Crone Art fimo clay buttons. I realized when setting in the sleeves - that it was sew much easier to embellish the cuffs before the seam is sewn - but then the end look of that seam isn't as nice... a trade-off I suppose. Anyway - all these things 'blended' the different blacks that were still 'going on' in this jacket. My dear daughter (25) said it was "nice looking - not that she'd wear it" , but still 'nice'. O well...I wasn't making it for her anyway!

Posted by PicasaSo here's the results of this first intensive week of work. From the left: Refined, then Unity - then Pathways - then Unity. Today I'm finishing that blue one, and then onto the final jacket for Pathways - the angled front one.

Oh - a trip to the yarn shop was great fun - Needleworks, and they have a store on eBay as well - you should check that out. The perfect yarn makes creating SO much more fun!
On a personal level, I don't know why I am so lucky as to be doing this. I have friends who have lost a baby to cancer, just had serious surgery, and another dealing with being the caretaker for her hubby with Parkinson's. I pray for them all - for the peace only God can give - as I work.
In Christ,