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Monday, June 07, 2010

Guatemala Disaster Relief Needed

Regarding the recent volcano eruption and flooding in Guatemala - where the school is located that I support through my website, I've received this update and appeal for assistance. I will be sending some funds, and I pray you will join me as well..:

Hi Londa,
We are raising funds for disaster relief, if people want to contribute to this need. We have gotten so many requests for help, and the stories are heartbreaking.
When I found out that a family of six people can buy the seeds to grow food for their family for one year for just $25, I was so surprised. Of course there is labor involved, but all the families pitch in and cultivate their own corn and beans. Many have to rent the land to plant, and fertilize, but for the most part, it is impressive that they can eat for a year on $25 worth of seeds. And, I can barely get 2 days worth of food at Publix for me and Dad for the same $25. Quite amazing.

The vocational school was our largest and most expensive project. They have had mud slides around the lake, but our school sits solid on the cliff overlooking the lake - glad we bought lots of rebar to hold it in place. It pays to not skimp on iron in an unstable zone. We had American engineers review the plans before we got started. I have not heard a report of the number of homes lost in Santa Cruz, but in nearby towns, there are many homeless people. They are living in the churches.

Must run,

Penny Rambacher, R.D.
Founder/PresidentMiracles In Action, a 501(c)(3) non-profit