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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NEW Creative Sweatshirt Jackets

Creatively Busy AGAIN.... some of my current KITS for jackets I offer at the sewing expos around the country include cashmere neck scarves and Pashmina scarves, so I decided to execute some jackets utilizing them.
The green cashmere scarf was simply trimmed down 5" in width, and stitched to the INSIDE of the staystitched cardigan neckline on this jacket, then flipped to the outside, tucked at the waist, let fringe hang below the twin needle hem, and the outer edge couched with yarn. Oh - and I had to take a seam at the center back to shorten it a bit to the correct length , with I did at an angle, so that the outer edge was longer than the neckline edge.

The Pashmina Scarf jacket - I utilized only half the scarf, as that is what I include in some of my kits, and it was the perfect amount. I utilized the 'baseball collar' neckline from my Transformed™ Talking Pattern™ for that. Tagua Nut Buttons work with buttonholes (quite large) done through the scarf, and interfaced front edge that I'd bound with the aqua silk dupioni. I also corded those buttonholes. If you look closey, you can see the Pashmina scarf fringe that hangs at an angle from the jacket's right side at the cener front. There were lovely open pulled thread areas on this scarf that I accented with black and aqua chenille yarns. The scarf borders and botht he sides of the scarf were also utilized. I did free motion quilting around the paisly sections down the front, and across the yoke at the shoulders and back yoke. Can't wait to wear this one!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

HUNT for reversible knits!

One of the most fun parts of doing the Sewing Expos is seeing all the neat clothing on our fashion-conscious customers! Often self-created, but also store-bought (RTW = Ready-To-Wear). I always keep my camera handy and when I ask permission, most often the wearer is flattered and I get to take pictures. This is really where I get lots of the ideas that end up in my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Talking Patterns™. I honestly forget if this gal was at the Novi or the Chantilly shows I just completed, but the 'dust has settled' and I'm wading through ideas I got at those shows.
Check out this jacket - it is a single knit - meaning that the crosswise edge WILL curl - usually to the right side - and that means also that the knit itself looks like stockinette stitch on one side, vertical, and horizontal ribs on the reverse side. That being said, this jacket was made of one of those knits which, in addition, had a different character on both sides - dark grey heather on one side and lighter grey on the other. Anyway - FIRST- a straight UN-pleated strip of the same fabric, with the opposite side up - about 1.5" wide was stitched down along the hemline, stitching about 3/4" from the top raw edge. . (To keep the knit body from stretching out of shape ala 'roller coaster' look, I would advise STAYING where you are going to stitch, on the INSIDE with Straight Fusible Stay Tape.) Then - kinda like all the rag quilts, the 3/4" edge above the stitching was simply cut into every 1/2" or so perpendicularly TO the stitching.

THEN - the box-pleated row ruffle was added on top - opposite side of the fabric 'up'. The 'ruffle' was really box pleated row of trim - cut about 2.5" wide, cut edge 'finishing' both edges. If I were going to mark and stitch all that, I would certainly make use of the Simflex Gauge to do the marking - as this wonderful crazy tool automatically evenly spaces things. It appeared to be stitched about 1/2" from the top edge, right on top of the other trim's stitching, and then the opposite side flopped down over top of the stitching creating the 'double' row of light colored fabric you see. Remember- raw edges everywhere, as knits do NOT ravel!

Look at the collar - it appeared to be a double layer - with 'wrong' or light sides together, simply stitched about 1/4" away from all the edges.

Next, check out the little gathered ruffle, raw edge, stuck into the top of the sleeve cap seam. Then, the diagonal row of embellishment down the center fronts appeared to be a hand-whipped strip of rolled fabric.

Finally, up the Center Back, it was stitched wrong sides together, seam allowance exposed on the right side to emphasize a nice slimming vertical line. RAW edges again!

So thanks - whoever you were - I lost your name, sorry! But be sure we appreciate your great taste i RTW!
If you find a great reversible knit online, post it as a comment for the rest of us here at this post. Remember, I must approve all posts before they show up - so feel free to send me a quick email alerting me that you posted.

Sew.........beware when you visit my booth - I just may photo and 'pick' at your great clothing!

Monday, October 11, 2010

FREE SHIPPING on Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Products thru Wed., Oct. 13

It sure makes my day - and all the heart I pour into my directions - written and TALKING - when I receive emails like the 2 below!

" I really liked the talking pattern and found it more helpful than I'd expected. The pictures and explanations are very good and I like the way it is delivered in short segments so it's easy to repeat if needed. This morning, I checked email and saw the second email you had sent testing the original link. I clicked on that and it works for me also. I don't know what the problem could have been as spelling checked out. Anyway, it works now. Thanks for your time and effort in helping me get the pattern." from Cheryl in VA

"Am working on my "Refined Jacket" with your Talking Pattern Assistance. I can't believe the value in your talking pattern. It's like taking a private class at my convenience. I always learn something that helps with my whole sewing experience. The fitting and cutting instructions are so good and my jacket is going to be a perfect fit." from Pat in NY

AND... sometimes there are questions, and I'm always happy to answer those as well, so ALWAYS be sure to just e-mail me or call with ANY and ALL questions you might have! I work with my wonderful local printer to print my pattern booklets and book, so I can make corrections as they appear to be needed.

I'm celebrating - and just changed shipping to FREE

on all of my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket products...for TODAY - TOMORROW and WEDNESDAY til midnight -

Yes, FREE SHIPPNG for all my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket products - patterns, books, and DVD's ...

through midnight, October 13 CST.

BEWARE of Current Pant Silhouettes!

Can't help it - got this Chico catalog last week and immediately put it on my scanner to remind myself to scan and comment.

It seems that SKINNY pants are the rage for fall! Unless you are Twiggy skinny - DON'T DO IT...I beg you! See the skin-tight silhouette of the pants at the left side of the image to the left? THAT is TOO skinny to be attractive for - I'd venture to say at least 90% of American women - of any age!

The straight leg silhouette at the right is a big more forgiving - but not alot, in my humble opinion.

What I was taught and continue to believe in - bottom line, is that I'd rather look like "I lost weight" rather than "I need to lose weight". Too tight of clothing ALWAYS accomplishes the latter. Don't go there. Stick with the silhouette of pant that looks good on YOU!
For me - and most of us - that, to me, is the boot cut - or a subtle flare which balances the rest of our usually too heavy bottom halves.

There... I said it - YEA!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Talking Pattern™ url corrections

EEEKS - while I and my publisher/printer try VERY hard to check every dot and tittle in my publications, it appears that a few have snuck by us.... so if you purchased either of these two patterns, please read below and make the corrections that will be obvious to you when you look at the url that gets you to the 'Talking' portion which is printed INSIDE the booklet you purchased!

  • Chosen - use a small c in the url - not a capital c. Also - the last url mistakenly has tm after the 'c' word - eliminate the tm. My printer is graciously reprinting to correct this.
  • Genesis Too - in the url, simply insert a period, a dot in the url before the 'com'. I tried to manually correct most of these - but obviously missed some. This pattern has sold so furiously, that I have a new big bunch that is all correct now.

while I try my very hardest...I'm humbled and comforted to know and believe that ...
only God does things perfectly!