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Monday, July 05, 2010

Colorado Observations

On vacation in Colorado - Vail area before the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo later this week...
Some observations to share:
1. The flowers! Oh my gosh!!!!
You'd NEVER see pansies potted with geraniums in Illinois - pansies are only for spring and fall. The Lobelia are prolific...amazing!!! And, combining of colors - all and every colors in one pot. Really quite beautiful. The Lupines and Delphiniums and Poppies - just amazing! Especially fun was the Betty Ford Gardens in Vail. I even LOVE the dead trees amongst it all - what a wonderful contrast. It looked like the dead wood was specifically placed throughout as well...

2. Love to 'snoop shop' - though it seems it's either T-shirts and polar fleece smattered with 'Vail' on them - or VERY $$$$ clothing and art galleries. Guess where I linger??????? Yep - the $$$ shops and art galleries. Vail Village was exceptionally fun. Here is what I see:
Monochromatic embellishment - yes - embellishment done in the same color - oftentimes even the same fabric. I watch FOX News and I see this all the time on the simple dresses on the women reporters and commentators as well...and of course, sleeveless. I see this embellishment - usually of a knit fabric cut on the cross grain so it will curl, or on the bias for woven fabrics. Definitely adding to the cost - regardless of the price well, it should!
WHITE Blouses and shirts with ruffles or pleats - everywhere! I actually really think this is a clean, fresh look - for most everyone - especially those of us who have seen cosmetic dental work ie: whitening. I learned in my color training that you shouldn't wear white whiter than your teeth or the whites of your eyes. Well - there are many more of us around with much whiter toothies than God ever planned on! Anyway - they look good. I love wearing my Coldwater Creek white blouse as a jacket.
More Embellishment than ever...EVERYWHERE. I have a napkin full of drawings and quite a few pictures on my cellphone from my snoop shopping. Many of the ideas I've seen will be adapted and utilized on upcoming Creative Sweatshirt Jackets. However, I often think that the designer has gotten carried away. Usually the more $$$ garments do this - in my humble opinion. Even Tim Gunn (Project Runway) would agree with me I'm sure. It all comes down to 'Less is More'. So - if you need some em bellishment ideas and techniques, be sure to invest an EZ $19.95 in my Refined Embellishments for Creative Clothing.

Off in a jeep today - into God's 'closet' of creation. Stay posted for what inspirations I get today....