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Thursday, November 11, 2010

GREAT Vest on my Houston Helper

As I was going through photos from the Houston Quilt Festival, I found these of my helper, Pat, and her great vest. She made it of recycled and felted wool sweaters, vests, etc. The striped binding is even the lining of a jacket she picked up for $.50 at her local thrift shop!

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Home and hard at work

Houston Quilt Festival was great. Sorry I didn't post more - but I was one tired puppy by the end of each day!

Onto new is my studio (corner of the basement!) piled with VERY organized stacks of fabrics, buttons, yarn, and sweatshirts...all assembled for my proposal for a book with a major industry publisher! Will share more as things develop.....

I'm hard at work also preparing for the MEGA SALE at my website:
next Mon and Tues. - Nov. 15 and 16.

Ordering NOW will entitle you to FREE SHIPPING during that big sale! I'm even scanning/photo-ing some of the season end KITS for my jackets and Crone Art Buttons for this sale!
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