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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newest Jacket for CHOSEN pattern

It was a good day - though I can tell you I'd MUCH rather design and sew than get all the directions written down and spoken (for the new Talking Pattern concept!). I'll be on a roll taping into my computer and then along comes a train or a plane...
Here is a photo of the jacket I finished up today. Not the 'official' photo - but what I have for now. This is the same design basically as the one from a few days ago with the sweater used for collar and cuffs, but I wanted to test and figure out using a woven fabric cut on the bias for the collar. It worked!

I have decided to take pre-orders on this new pattern - it should be available Sept. 23. Here is the link where you can do a pre-order:

Tonight I'm trying to figure out this Twitter stuff...