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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Feline Helper

I'm hard at creative work on my Mystery Project these days - and here is my 'Guard' Cat. This is Dopey - who is Bella's big brother. He really is quite the cat - note how his front paws are crosed here. He's found this new favorite place on top of m project bin. That navy sweatshirt he's plopped himself on will have to get washed a couple of times to get his long fur off! I love him too - just not that long hair - it's no fun to stroke because it is always full of static.

What amazes me about animal fur is the markings - how in one strand of fur - the color changes. The symmetry too. Only a very, very wonderful, awesome, miraculout, BIGGER than I can imagine creator God could make all that! Then - when the fur comes out - another one, marked the SAME way comes back in - absolutely AMAZING!

Anyway - I am in my 'heaven' - designing and writing directions. Hubby home with pneumonia, not a good thing - but at least there are pills to cure it and we know what it is!

Hoping you're safe, warm, and enjoying a hobby. I'm SEW lucky to have my hobby be my 'work' as well!
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