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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bachelor

The Bachelor.....
OK - WHY do I watch this nonsense???? I certainly don't agree with the premise - much less the morals, or the process!
Nonethelesss...I'm watching. (So is hubby!)
I know - I watch because of the CLOTHES! I love to see what these bimbos are all wearing - and decide if I think they look good in it...

I hate, hate, hate how pathetic our English language has become...
I think I'm gonna scream if I hear one more time:

  • 'like' used over and over
  • 'you guys' ................... they are gals, for one thing
  • take our relationship to the next level...

Just venting....

PS - are those fangs on this blonde real????


Bette said...

Londa, we (my husband & I) are right there with you. Watching it and saying why? At least we record it and can cut out some of the scenes that drag on and on, as well as the ads. that helps. But each week we still watch. Maybe like you to see the clothes they wear.

J said...

Even the news media is destroying our language! Take the verbs "blame" and "killed" They used to be reserved for living subjects not inanimate things such as weather conditions and cars. Now floods etc are "blamed" for destruction and death.

BTW you were great in Puyallup last week!