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Friday, August 20, 2010

Materialism and Feminism hurt our kids, Alzheimers observations

Let me vent - as I observe my grandchild's experience, and what is expected from our very young in these days - my observation is that 2 things: feminism (taking women outside the home when children are young) and materialism (the basic reason for the first I think) are really hurting our kids. However, I completely realize that for many there is no choice, as we've had that situation in our family as well - but I'm talking about for those for whom there really IS a choice - if materialism wasn't so rampant.

Gheesh - my hubby didn't even have the chance to go to Kindergarten - it didn't exist! And, I'm sure I didn't hardly know my alphabet, much less know how to write it all when I started kindergarten! I went to a neighborhood school - walking home for lunch with my Mommy. And I certainly didn't ride a bus with a bunch of rowdy older kids to start my day. All made possible because my dear Mom WAS at home!

I praise my daughters' ability to deal with all this, her insight and maturity - and pray that her experiences will make her all that much more wonderful of a teacher herself someday soon. I pray for every young family these days - the daily challenges are more than they should be. Oh, that they all just put the LORD at the head of their homes!

Alzheimers Observations... yesterday I made the time to stay with my mom at the unit longer than usual. She is adjusting very nicely - the people there are so wonderful to her. Once adjusted to seeing through their eyes, the residents there are wonderful packages to unwrap! The lady who claps constantly claps in time to the music! Commenting on her long fingers and asking if she played the piano in the past - I find she certainly did! THEY had to teach ME how to play UNO! Lord, these people are most precious in Your site! Help me see them as You do, and not through my eyes, through my life's expectations. This is what I fear with Obamacare - that life will not be valued in Godly view, but a monetary view only. Save us from that!

All this reminds me that much more to value each and every days' blessings - not as though I deserve a good day, but that I should be ever grateful as a sinner for every good day sent my way rather than one of calamity. As I offer 'things' for sale at my website, my booth as I travel, it all makes me that much more intent to humbly offer creative experience over stuff. I truly believe, as we create - we can, in some small way, get closer to the God that created us!


Jennwith4 said...

I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my little ones! They are growing up so fast I couldn't imagine how much I would miss if I wasn't with them.

Vicki Schoonover said...

very good Londa, I agree. Lord help us to be who YOU created us to be and a light in this present darkness. God bless!

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken about 'Obamacare." The so-called
death panels are a politically motivated scare tatic. In my opinion, the insurance companies are the true threat with their 'death panels". They decide which drugs and procedures they will cover and when your cost limits expire. Get the real facts!