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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feel like a 'Dressed Up' gal in these casual days...

OK - amongst a very frustrating day - note my VERIZON post a bit ago - I needed to feel GOOD. So I 'dressed up' for an appointment with my patent attorney this afternoon ....
I have on:
  • Deep Teal camisole for COLOR
  • Topped with WHITE - yes - WHITE shirt from Coldwater Creek as a 'jacket'. It has 3/4 length sleeves, a stand up wing type collar. I haven't had a WHITE shirt for AGES. Was taught - and still believe that 'you shouldn't wear a white whiter than your eyes (mine are pretty bloodshot these days), or your teeth (well, I did have some cosmetic work done, but didn't go for 'Chicklet' white)... but it feels smart, snappy - and I LIKE IT! That's the bottom line - if you feel GOOD in what you're wearing!
  • My Coldwater Creek dark JEANS (that amazingly FIT my curvy ample 'behind' and smaller waist) in which I pressed front and back creases.
  • Added silver earrings with bit of Teal in them and a groovy (is that a current word?) chain type belt.
  • AND - I think this is real important- I put on HEELS! I can't tell you how much better, more confident, more dressed up I feel in HEELS~! These are sandals - and a chunky 2" heel (new), but they make the difference between feeling frumpy and feeling dressed up - at least to my soul!
So - that's my 'fashion advice' for the day. Oh - and I have to tell Dear Daughter that the current IN STYLE magazine says it is A-OK to wear denim with denim - as long as it is different, and doesn't look like you tried to match it. Lots of 'stars' are doing that - and photos there to prove it.

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