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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miracles In Action Update

This will make you just weep, gals! Our efforts to support the vocational school in Guatemala where people learn to help themselves is awesome! Every time you place an order with me at you support this charity!
Here is what my contact - Penny just wrote:

"I have attached a poster that you can put on your website - the funds you sent us helped to buy those sewing machines. Miracles in Action gave Amigos de Santa Cruz $6,000 to buy them, the loom, and other supplies (thread, etc.) Pat asked me what type sewing machines to buy. I suggested treadle type, and to ask the sewing instructor at the other smaller project we support. She "went to town", and got the machines, and getting them to this village is no small task - it is located on the side walls of a crater lake, and only reachable by boat. You will see this from the photo. You can probably learn more from their website, and they have a newsletter online.
Thank you for your help in this. You have made a difference. Maybe someday, you would like to go see it for yourself.
And this - from a person more personally involved with this project...

"Good Morning, Londa, Im Pat, Director of Amigos de Santa Cruz, Penny's
partner organization in Santa Cruz. I wanted to thank you personally for your donation for our new sewing and weaving center. The CECAP center was inaugurated on April 26th and classes have already begun. Students in 5th through 9th grade are learning basic sewing skills. This is the first time ever that young people have had the opportunity to learn hands-0n skills as part of their school program. Adults will begin classes in June. We plan to teach basic sewing to begin with and develop a few different products that the women can sell locally including aprons and bags. As adults complete a full course, they will have the option to apply for a micro loan to purchase their own sewing machine and start their own mini-business. We are also having two looms built for weaving, another skill the people have expressed a strong interest in learning. Your donation is helping to make this all possible. The impact will be long term. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to learn hands on skills that will lead to jobs and a stronger economy for the villagers and the community. Please visit our website at to read more about our visions for CECAP and learn more about what we do in Santa Cruz. Be sure to download our most currently newsletter. Feel free to ask any questions. Patricia Torpie Director, Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation Santa Cruz la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala P.O. Box 148, Lopez Island, WA 98261 "

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