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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TALKING Pattern Demo

I've been HARD at work - along with my super smart professional webmaster son updating and adding to the value of some of my most popular patterns by adding my verbal tutorials AND editing the printed pattern to include more photos.

So far: CHOSEN & TRANSFORMED are ready and available.


AND - even if you've already purchased any of the above, YES - you will have access to the 'Talking Version', though your printed booklet won't correspond completely - it will still be useable.

Below is an example from the Convertible Collar version of CHOSEN.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your talking patterns are revolutionary! I spent the afternoon yesterday listening to the Transformed "Queen Anne" jacket and it was as if you were in the room with me explaining what to do!! Most importantly, after listening to the pattern, I now feel confident that I can follow your technique and make beautiful sweatshirt jackets!! I can't wait until you are in Corpus Christi, so we can hear your lectures and create our jackets.

Thank you so much for thinking outside the box, Your talking patterns will be the envy of the sewing industry!!

JeanG, ASG Corpus Christi