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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Went shopping at the mall...what I saw

Went 'flitting' through the mall Friday night... a.. I was amazed at the number and colors of what I call 'shells' available - and many in quite nice quality knits and fabrications. Most of them were sleeveless. I just don't ever remember seeing so many of this wardrobe basic in RTW before... b.. Though what I've read says softer colors (better for us aging baby-boomers) - that is NOT what I saw. The main color that jumped out at me was a fairly bright coral. The 'pink' of this year? Could be death to very cool-undertoned complexions imho... c.. Picked up some chenille sweaters for myself at $7! I work in my basement much of the year where it is quite cool, and these are just right for me. loved those bargains! February and August are the months to both buy the new at introductory sales, and spend time shopping the sales racks... d.. Had to giggle to myself at all the simple tie belts thrown onto jeans and elevated pricing....think I'll attack my stash and make some up to sell at the fine arts fairs I do with my creative wearables... e.. Anyone else? Been shopping? Impressions... ??Londa

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scorpion said...

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