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Sunday, January 29, 2006

what's 'new' in fashion

Hmmm - couldn't sleep, so did some cyber-snooping. Clicked around at Nordstroms , Norma Kamali, then Vogue Patterns. What I see is lots of empire lines, ruffles, flounces, and - in general - the styles of my youth. Perhaps it is time to dig back into the old patterns... At least they 'hit' me as pretty!
It appears that the 'waist' of jeans is creeping up again - and that the hems can be most anywhere!
For some exciting silhouette shopping - check out the Marfy patterns (Italian) at the Vogue Pattern site. No seam or hem allowances, and no instructions, or even pictures of the garment with the pattern. I haven't made any yet - but it might be fun. I had their Bridal catalog at my shop several years ago and it was a feast for the eyes. Anyone stitched a Marfy? Reports?
Don't miss their descriptions over on the right hand side - truly entertaining.

Sew....what are YOU thinking of adding this year? I have some great new fabrics in at my website. Especially nice for basics is the top grade microfiber/Spandex interlock knit - in a rich ice blue, and also just got it in black. This fabric would do any of the Kamali ruched, multi-style garments. It is yummy, yummy, yummy for a basic with some 'oomph' yet not too heavy at all.

I just cut out the Sewing Workshop Plaza Pants and have a few 'twists' I've added. I plan to get those stitched up this week, and my Londa's 2 Cents Worth on that pattern written. I love the jacket - but did lengthen the back 6" at the center, slanting to the sides. You could see it at: and

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