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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Baby clothes

Observations from the new Granny here...

When watching Cole last night - he seemed very uncomfortable - at 8 weeks, an outfit - though soft knit - had a large applique on the front - it was just stiff, and ended up scrunched up around his neck. We were both relieved when we changed out of that outfit!
So - beware, and remember the child's comfort and don't get carried away with just what looks 'cute' to us big people!

Likewise, when this little 8 week old guy was here on his Daddy's birthday over the weekend, the elastic of jeans didn't look very comfy either.

I suppose I'm just struck with how much we probably dress our babies to please us - and NOT them!

Also - I agree fullheartedly with another's observation I recently read - that babies are aoo tush (diaper) and belly - and it just doesn't 'work' with the majority of clothing that seems to be all leg and arm.

Any comments???

1 comment:

Kathy in Ohio said...

Londa I agree with you about the comfort factor for infants. I think it is especially bad for little girls. I see them all dressed in these frilly things and there is always some kind of lace or embellishment that ends up in their mouth or scratching their skin and those dresses are always scrunched around their little necks. And with little boys, we seem to want to put them in denim almost immediately. So uncomfortable for them expeically when they are tiny and need so much handling. I've embellished terry outfits for my newest grandson, now 18 months old, and was so careful to use small designs that are not real dense and then I also used an iron on soft covering for the back of the design. Worked well. But often I see embellished clothes in stores that are still and I just know that they will end up being sucked on. The poor baby has not choice. The embroidery is stiff and ends up in their mouth so why not!!