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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This is a quick snapshot of the T-Shirt I made for my Son-in-Law for his first Birthday as a Daddy. I used the PHoto Transfer Paper I carry from June Tailor. I used another of the tShirts in the 3 package set onto which to transfer the photos, then cut them out and zig zagged them on with a big, open zig zag. Why? I was afraid I'd mess up the main t-shirt - most likely on the 3rd picture! AND, then I sewed them on rather than fusing them on because I didn't want it to be stiff. This way, I was also able to position the pictures as I desired. He's kinda funny to please - but a big smile sure came across his face when he realized what this was. AND, he recently told me he would wear it on Father's Day!
from Londa's design room

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Londa said...

Next thing I want to do is transfer another picture of my Grandbaby and put it onto a purse - probably of my Black Silk Doupionni - for ME! Maybe one for the MaMa too...