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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Londa's Jean Purses

Londa, you are one creative gal! I love both of your Jean Purses. Is that a man's tie being used for a handle?? I noticed you worked in Illini orange also. Did you have it available during March Madness? Keep sharing your talents with us. It is very inspiring.

1 comment:

Londa said...

No - the 'handle' is not a man's tie - but that is a GREAT IDEA! I have a box full as part of my 'stash'!
Rather, it is 2 bandanas I had picked up at Hobby Lobby - that I folded cowboy style, secured with an embroidered heart stitch from my Pfaff (just 2 or 3 stitch patterns of the Heart) to 'tack' it all into place - and just tied the 2 bandanas together at the shoulder.