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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Joan's Hinse Shawl Collar Jacket

Loes Hinse Shawl Collar Jacket Pattern

First of all let me say Loes Hinse patterns fit my lifestyle and my preference for ‘middle of the road’ clothing styles---not so up-tight or serious, but not avant garde and trendy either. This pattern is a new release, and since Londa had reviewed it, I was anxious to try it and ordered it pronto from Londa.
I made View A, the short version and my goal for short jackets is to have the hemline fall at the fullest part of my post-menopausal tummy and to cover the ‘fluff’ at the high hip area. Londa’s 2 Cents, included with the pattern was most helpful, especially:
· The warning about the many collar pieces that saved me from spending time trying to figure that out.
· Her instructions regarding the lines for sewing the tucks on the collar
· The option for cutting the under collar with no tucks to reduce bulk in the area.
I made my normal adjustments to LH patterns—cut size Medium shoulders and taper down to Large or sometimes even XLarge to hemline. I cut a little bump out at the bust line of the front side seam and ease that in as I sew the seam to make a sight ‘full bust adjustment.’
The fabric is a weighty blend of rayon/poly and the collar is a fabulous small piece of Armani-type wool that was left over from a bias skirt 4-5 years ago.

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