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Monday, March 07, 2005

Joan's Stuff

I just started easing back into sewing after having a total knee replacement 6 weeks ago (on my sewing/driving leg)
I am sewing a muslin of Loes Hinse's European Pant. Will let you know how the fitting goes.
I really need some loose summer weight casual pants and I thought I would give this pattern a try, since it has been in my pattern stash for awhile. I have made several of her patterns and have found them to be very quick to sew.....just what I desire for right now.
Joan from San Jose

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katiesrags said...

Joan! I would love to hear how your muslin and resulting pants turned out. Hearing about other's success and ideas inspires me to go to the sewing room for myself. Today is my first time to be a "blogger" (what does that word mean, anyway?) and this will be my first post, so hoping I am doing it right.