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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What Londa's up to...

This is my sewing day - and tomorrow I will play with the Picasa picture manager and Hello accounts that I downloaded to use in posting as part of the Blog.
I promise to take pictures of what I do today.... I cut out most of the day yesterday that was available outside of filling website orders. Have lots of Minkee in orange to stitch up for my

Have you all noticed all the orange in the stores? What a hard color to wear though! Not an issue in this town - home of the Fighting Illini Basketball team - undefeated until Sunday!

I've signed up my husbands' email on this account so that way I can see actually what happens as I - and you - post.

The other thing I've done over the past 2 days is really re-work all the information that was hiding on my site.
If you click on Gallery - you will see now 9 boxes of information - with links to click on. There are my hints and tips, patterns for garments I've 'knocked off', pattern & fabric 'marriage proposals' I call them, and much more.
Go take a p eek.
I'd welcome your comments and suggestions.

My goal is to make both my site and this Blog as worthy as possible of your visits.

The most fun I've been having is with couching yarns onto clothing - what fun! My kitties think so too, though!

Promise - pictures tomorrow!

I also wear this back weight thing to keep my shoulders back when I sew, and am at the computer. I'll try to have hubby take a pic of me with it on so you can all see. I don't want to get any more hump forward-shouldered than I've already become!

Sunny and getting warmer here in central Illinois. I LOVE the spring!

Still waiting on that grandson's arrival! All in the Good Lord's perfect timing - I keep telling DD and myself!

Sewing hugs to all -

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