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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I''m on Board!

Hi Everybody,
Whew! we are really entering into cyberspace big time, aren't we? This is my first experience with blogging. I have resisted so far just because it would just add more time away from all the other fun things that I like to do.
I have been out of the 'chatting loop' for a few weeks, recovering from Total Knee Replacement. I am seeing the surgeon today for my 6 week check. I am hoping I can be released to drive and sew, two most important activities in my life. The total recovery will continue for sometime(physical therapy sessions and exercise program at home.......borrrrrrring!
I am really wanting to get into spring in the Bay Area of California spring is here for sure, in fact the daffodils and hyacinths have already blooomed and gone and tulips have passed their peak also.
I hope all of you have some interesting projects to share, I enjoy hearing about/seeing photos of them.
Tomorrow I will be attending my ASG Neighborhood Group monthly meeting, that I lead. I have missed being with them, though a few have dropped by in recent weeks, to show me their projects or latest pattern and fabric purchases. Sewers/sewists are a great bunch of people.

Happy sewing to all,


Londa said...

Hey Joan - Thanks for joining in!
Glad to hear you are doing well after your surgery. I can't imagine not sewing for 6 weeks!!!!!!!
God - please never, never, never...though if it should happen, I'm sure He would have some lessons buried in there for me!
I'm working on figuring out this picasa/hello thing for posting pictures, but think my son will have to 'hold my hand' with it tonight.
I'm off to the bank and yarn store - need some new (less hairy) yarns for couching on my type of garments.
Yea! I sold a 'Raggy Jacket" in Illini (orange and blue) colors yesterday - took me about 6 hours, and just scraps of fabric - so that's pretty good profit - I tell myself and my husband!
Customer was thrilled, and I was likewise to see her so happy - and with a garment no one will ever have one like it. People deserve to feel special - just like they are!
She brought along a mother friend of an old Brownies schoolmate of mine who passed away about 10 years ago now. It was good to see her.
If I'm not sewing - I feel I should be AND if I'm not on the computer - I feel I should be.
How do we ever stop all this 'shoulding' ourselves to death???

Rabia said...

I thinking I join this blog. Is good to hear from you. Londa do you know a
place that could take an old garment and make a pattern? My attempt failed, and I have only one more garment left to take apart.

Maa Salaama,

Londa said...

Rabia -
The book: "High Fashion Sewing Secrets"from Claire Shaeffer has great directions for copying a ready-made garment. Here is a link to it at my site: