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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Londa's Blog Beginning

What a weird word ... "Blog". Anyway - another invention of this modern computer age I guess.

Since Blogs are FREE, and this seems to have more capability, I am changing the current format of Londa's Chat to this Blog Format.

Sew.... Londa's Chat is now known as: Londa's Creative Sewing Chatter.

Right up front, I do hope that Members of this Chat (beginning with those of Londa's Chat) will comment and post and share in a likewise manner.
This is NOT a politically correct chatter, nor is it advertising-free. I will be sharing not only what I am sewing, and creating, but also items of interest regarding my websites: wonderful fabrics, patterns and notions for creative sewing unqiue art wear featuring Orange & Blue sports colors
and more to come...

I am also proud to be a Christian, and those principles and inspiration guide my life, and will share boldly regarding my Christian faith. It is my prayer that even if you are not a Christian, that you will open your heart and soul and 'take in' and ponder what I offer. If you would like to speak to me personally about the Christian faith, I welcome your inquiries. At almost 53, I KNOW I could not have the peace that I experience in my turbulent life without Christ as my Saviour.

Sewing is the 'talent' God has gifted to me. I use this skill to help people look their very best, and to discover the creativity that God has given (though perhaps somewhat hidden) to them.

I'm sewing like crazy these days for Fine Arts Festivals coming up in April ..... SINCE my very first grandchild is due any day (though officially March 13, 2005).
When I'm sewing - I 'should' myself that I need to be on the computer............and
When I'm on the computer - I 'should' myself that I need to be sewing.
Slip housework and cooking (very, very differently as a result of hubby's heart attack last New Years' Eve) in there occassionally - and trying to keep peace and mischief between my 3 feline friends, and my days are over far to quickly.
Eeeeeeks, I think I'm getting that dreaded 'Carpal Tunnel' pain in my right thumb base. I ordered one of those HandEze gloves to wear - it should come today. Praying that helps....
Anyone have experience with that?

Oh - and I listen to Christian Radio while I work. MUCH more uplifting than blow-by-blow news or the other garbage on TV!

I see many of my Londa's Chat members are accepting the invitation to join in on my blog - feel free to post. As I figure out more about all of this - I'll 'clue' you in.
The way I see it - this can be a wonderful vehicle for us all to share like a bunch of sewing crazy gals - and fast become best friends!

No Baby yet - we keep hoping for this weekend.
I'm going on record as not knowing for sure if when a Post is Posted, if it goes out to all members as an individual email, or if it is just posted to the Blog (which I want).
My thought is that once or twice a week, I'll email all members a summary of what the chatter topics are - then you can all go to the Blog to check it out if you so desire. My thinking is that this will keep your email boxes cleaner - and be a better use of your time.
I've emailed the Blog Experts about this and am still awaiting an answer - so if any of you who are on board already, might take the time to email me back if, indeed, this post shows up as a separate complete email in your box, I'd sure appreciate it. I think it may have to do something with the 'settings' I've selected.
Anyway - will much appreciate your help!

Here's to 'blogging'!!!!!!!!!

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